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While the mediation process may seem daunting to some, this legal vehicle for dispute resolution can be highly beneficial in a wide range of scenarios. One of the most common settings where mediation can be particularly advantageous is when seeking to resolve legal matters about family law issues such as divorce, property division, alimony, child support, and child custody.

To determine whether mediation may be a viable alternative dispute resolution method for your circumstances, the best thing to do is speak with a Cobb County mediation lawyer. A dedicated attorney from our firm can help you better understand the mediation process and examine the particulars of your situation to assess if mediation could be an appropriate choice for you.

Elements of the Mediation Process

Divorce and all matters related to the process are among the most common situations in which mediation can provide a tool for a more time-efficient and less litigious solution to family law concerns. Both parties may agree to seek to resolve their differences through the mediation process of their own accord, or in some cases, a family judge may order mediation to seek a final resolution of all issues at play. The mediator will act as a neutral party that aims to help both individuals feel that their opinions are equally expressed. This mediator may or may not be a licensed attorney but cannot give legal advice during sessions.

The process generally starts with both parties, their attorneys, and the mediator in an environment where each side will be allowed to state their concerns. After this, the mediator can meet with each side individually and jointly. If the parties can agree on part or all of the issues, the mediator can prepare the settlement agreement for signature. This process can sometimes take as little as hours. In contrast, other mediations may continue for several months until an outcome is reached. Having a Cobb County attorney who can provide tailored advice, counsel, and guidance throughout the mediation process is invaluable.

While mediation can be a handy tool for dispute resolution, the determinations of the mediator are only legally binding if the proposed solutions are mutually agreed upon by both parties involved. Couples can come to the mediation process with several issues to resolve and come to an agreement on some of them, leaving others for the family courts to determine.

Benefits of Using Mediation to Resolve Family Law Matters

There is a range of potential benefits to using the mediation process over a traditional courtroom setting to reach a settlement that both parties find favorable. One of the most common reasons mediation can prove beneficial is that it generally takes far less time and money than the average courtroom process. At the same time, the mediation environment can prove far less adversarial. It often encourages and fosters conditions that can promote better communication and a more promising path to solving the central points of issues.

The mediation process is also opposite to the highly public forum of the courtroom setting. The mediation and all stages of it are entirely confidential. It can also work around the unique scheduling needs of both parties rather than being left at the mercy of the court docket. A Cobb County attorney can answer any specific questions about the mediation process as they could pertain to your situation.

Reach Out to a Cobb County Mediation Attorney to Learn More

A mediator can preside as the neutral third party to help you and your former partner work towards a resolution of your issues. A Cobb County mediation lawyer can offer tailored guidance throughout the process to ensure you understand your rights and options at every step. To learn more about mediation and discuss your case with an attorney, call our office today to schedule a consultation with a qualified member of our team.

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