Cherokee County Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

The disputes that are common during the divorce process do not always conclude with the final court order. Instead, some issues will continue to arise for former spouses and co-parents long after the divorce is finalized.

If you are facing new or continuing issues with your ex, a Cherokee County post-divorce disputes lawyer can help you explore your options for resolution. In many situations, it could be possible to navigate these issues without the need for costly litigation. A practiced divorce attorney from the Atlanta Divorce Law Group could be invaluable when it comes to protecting your rights during these conflicts.

Issues Involving Child Custody

Child custody enforcement is a common issue that arises after divorce. Seeking assistance from the courts may be necessary if a co-parent fails to comply with a child custody or visitation order. However, the first step in this process is usually to try and find a resolution with the other parent. One of the benefits of hiring a Cherokee County post-divorce disputes attorney is allowing them to handle negotiating a resolution with a former spouse.

Unfortunately, not every conflict can be resolved amicably. The failure to comply with child custody orders may result in various consequences. Family law judges have the authority to order non-compliant parents to adhere to the terms of the agreement or face serious penalties including fines, loss of visitation privileges, changes to the custody agreement, or even imprisonment.

Financial Conflicts Following the Dissolution of a Marriage

When it comes to post-divorce disputes, financial matters are one of the most common areas of contention. These conflicts could involve anything from child support to alimony. If an ex-spouse refuses to honor their obligation to provide financial support according to the divorce decree, it may be necessary to pursue legal action. The strongest option available involves filing a contempt motion, which becomes crucial in empowering the court to compel payment from the non-paying party.

When alimony or child support payments are not made, it is important to act right away. Holding a non-paying former spouse to their obligations only becomes more difficult as time passes. There are different penalties a judge might rely on in these situations. Often, they will start by issuing a new court order to pay the delinquency by a specific date. If that party fails to do so, other options could include garnishing wages or bank accounts.

Additionally, the judge has the power to imprison a person who refuses to uphold their end of the divorce decree. However, this is a last resort that most judges prefer to avoid. A Cherokee County post-divorce disputes attorney can hold a former spouse accountable when they refuse to make their required payments.

Call a Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney in Cherokee County Today

While most people hope that the issues with their ex-spouses end with the dissolution of their marriage, the reality is that conflict often continues for years to come. This is especially true when the couple share children.

If you find yourself in a similar conflict, a Cherokee County post-divorce disputes lawyer can help you determine what steps to take. Call today to get started.

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