Divorce for Men in Cherokee County

Men often find divorce just as emotionally devastating as women do. To add to the distress, men often have concerns about how they will manage financially and whether they will be able to be active fathers.

Those worries are understandable, but the law treats men and women equally in divorce. With a skilled attorney experienced in handling divorce for men in Cherokee County, you can emerge from your divorce prepared for a fulfilling life as a single person and involved dad.

Dividing Property in Divorce

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, which means a divorcing couple must divide their marital property fairly. If a judge must decide what is fair, they consider the length of the marriage, the age and health of both spouses, how much they contributed to the marriage financially, and other factors.

Sometimes an equitable distribution means the wife gets 50 percent of the marital property, but not always. If you were the primary breadwinner and your wife did not directly contribute to your professional success—for example, by supporting the family while you went to graduate school or established a business—you could keep more than half of what you acquired. In addition, alimony is not mandatory in Georgia.

If you have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that governs property division, a judge will honor it as long as you complied with the law when you both signed the document. However, a judge might invalidate an agreement if it is shockingly one-sided. Speak with a Cherokee County men’s divorce attorney if you are concerned about the validity of a marital agreement in your case.

Family Law Supports Fathers’ Involvement

Many fathers cherish the role and are concerned that divorce will mean having little quality time with their children. The reality is that fathers whose living situations and work schedules permit it can have their children up to 50 percent of the time, or even get more time with them if circumstances warrant.

The law requires judges to review all decisions regarding children based on the children’s best interests. The parents’ concerns are always secondary. The Official Code of Georgia 19-9-3(a)(1) lists the factors the family judge can consider when deciding what arrangement serves the children’s best interests.

If your spouse is an irresponsible or abusive parent, it could be possible for you to get primary physical custody and even limit your spouse’s visitation. When your spouse has mental health or substance abuse issues or is emotionally or physically violent toward the children, a men’s divorce attorney in Cherokee County can help you ask that your spouse’s visits with the children be supervised for their protection.

Negotiated Settlements Usually Serve Everyone Best

Divorce often leaves people angry and bitter and could trigger a feeling of needing to “win.”  Those sorts of feelings are natural, but not helpful. It is best for everyone, especially the children, for a couple to negotiate a divorce settlement rather than leave it for a family judge to decide.

Many couples depend on their Cherokee County attorneys to negotiate an acceptable settlement during a divorce. If the trial date is approaching and a couple still has not agreed, the judge is likely to send them to mediation. Working with a mediator often leads to a resolution of the remaining issues. Divorcing spouses do not need to wait for a judge to order mediation. They could engage a mediator at any time during the process to help settle the divorce.

Work With a Cherokee County Men’s Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Rights

A divorce does not have to mean you will struggle financially and lose contact with your children. The law allows you to keep a fair share of your assets and to be an involved father if that is what you want.

Work with a lawyer with expertise in divorce for men in Cherokee County. Our team will ensure you get a fair financial deal, and your children get the benefit of your active role in their lives. Discuss your situation with a seasoned advocate today.

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