Ending a marriage with a narcissist is often a battle. Narcissists can see divorce as a failure even when they are the ones who initiated it. Their ego requires them to “win” their divorce, which means that no matter how much you want to keep things amicable, it is unlikely.

When divorcing a narcissist in Cherokee County, selecting the right divorce attorney is key. Ensure they are comfortable with high-conflict divorce litigation. Our team can support you and try to negotiate a reasonable settlement but will be prepared for extensive court motions and even a trial, if necessary.

Make Yourself and Your Children Your Priority

Sometimes a narcissist will spring a demand for a divorce on you without warning. More often, you and your spouse have been discussing a possible split for some time. Whether you have time to prepare or not, constructing an emotional wall against the narcissist and focusing solely on yourself and your children is essential.

People attracted to narcissists tend to put themselves last, which plays into the narcissist’s need to be coddled and adored. The narcissist will try to trigger you during the divorce, perhaps through anger, guilt, and shame, or through emotional or financial manipulation. Develop a strong and diverse support system—a therapist, people to help with childcare, people who could provide financial assistance—and then lean on it. Make sure your children also have people they can rely on for emotional support and engaging activities they can focus on when home life gets tense.

Do your best to build a financial cushion. If the narcissist handles the finances in your family, work hard to understand your financial position before divorce proceedings begin. Make copies of important documents if you can. Narcissists often hoard information to retain power, and although your Cherokee County divorce attorney can force them to produce financial information, it saves time if you already have a clear understanding of what they are trying to hide.

Narcissists Create Unnecessary Conflict

Many people who decide to divorce hope to keep matters as amicable and civil as possible under the circumstances. For parents, maintaining respectful conduct toward each other is critical to helping your children adjust. Sadly, no matter how good your intentions are, a narcissist almost always tries to create discord.

Divorce exposes vulnerabilities, and narcissists cannot stand to be vulnerable. They often lash out to cover their discomfort. You can expect the narcissist to engage in self-pity and manipulation of others to get them to take their side. At worst, they may become verbally or even physically abusive.

Do not hesitate to call the police when you feel that you or your children are in physical danger. Record any abusive, coercive, or manipulative behavior and share it with your Cherokee County narcissistic divorce attorney. Even when you do not feel physically threatened, the family court must learn about the narcissist’s coercive or manipulative behavior, because it could impact child custody and property division.

Be Prepared for a Litigated Divorce

Almost all divorces settle before a trial, but the percentage is smaller when one spouse is a narcissist. Negotiated divorces require both sides to compromise and a narcissist is rarely willing to do so. Also, narcissists love attention, and requiring you to cater to their ever-changing demands is a way to keep the focus on them.

Georgia requires couples pursuing a contested divorce to attend mediation unless there is a history of family violence. Mediating disputes with a narcissist rarely leads to agreement, but it happens occasionally. However, it is critical to have a firm grasp on your must-haves in the divorce settlement and not back down from them. The narcissist will try to manipulate you into giving up what you need and deserve, and you must stand firm.

Divorce with a narcissist often ends up in court. Even when the case settles before trial, it is usually after months of court motions and various attempts to derail negotiations. A narcissist will push you to and past your breaking point, but you must trust your Cherokee County attorney to manage their antics and ensure it costs them in court.

Engage a Cherokee County Litigation Attorney When Divorcing a Narcissist

Congratulations on divorcing a narcissist in Cherokee County. It is a brave decision and likely to cause stress and disruption in the short term, but your attorney and personal support system will help you get through it.

Work with a divorce lawyer who is not afraid to fight for your goals in the midst of high conflict. Call today to start strategizing.

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