Atlanta, GA International Divorce Lawyer

When you or your spouse live in or were married in another country, getting a divorce can sound daunting, but it is possible. Having a seasoned legal professional to guide you through the process is crucial so you understand the special requirements governing foreign divorces. Handling this by yourself may be possible, but without fully understanding your legal rights, you might create an uphill battle for yourself.

Our firm has a robust background helping people in your position navigate the nuanced procedure of ending a marriage when international laws apply. An Atlanta, GA, international divorce lawyer from our team can assist you by reviewing the circumstances of the marriage as well as your current situation and creating an effective strategy to move forward. Our experienced divorce attorneys have the legal acumen to tackle even the most complex divorce cases.

Potential Legal Issues with an International Divorce

It has become increasingly popular for couples to have a destination wedding in another country while still residing in the U.S. In some circumstances, a couple may live in different countries, sharing time between one or multiple locations. Regardless of your situation, our trusted Atlanta international divorce attorneys can help with a variety of potential legal issues, including:

Our team can help spouses determine which laws would apply in their circumstances and ensure they are aware of their options, rights, and obligations.

Where Do I File for an International Divorce?

Determining what jurisdiction to file your divorce in is complicated when both spouses live in Georgia. Adding an international or even out-of-state element to the mix can make things especially challenging. Multiple factors determine the correct jurisdiction for a divorce depending on the type of action you are filing. Your best option is to seek the guidance of a skilled attorney who can ensure your process is smooth and results in an enforceable divorce decree.

Child Support and Child Custody in International Divorce Cases

While Georgia law gives family courts the authority to make decisions about child support and custody if the child or one of their parents lives in and has a substantial connection to The Peach State, this becomes a much more involved process if one co-parent lives in another country.

Depending on the context, the Hague Convention may apply, which requires signatory countries to honor child support and custody orders from other nations. For the law to apply, the country must agree to be bound by the treaty’s terms. Not every country has signed the treaty or all parts of it, creating a complicated situation for people hoping to represent themselves in a divorce case.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act may also apply, which requires states to honor child custody and support orders from out of state. A seasoned attorney who practices in Atlanta, GA, understands the critical aspects of international divorce and can help explain what laws may apply to your unique circumstance.

Contact an Atlanta, GA International Divorce Attorney for Help

Getting a divorce can be a liberating option if your marriage is no longer a safe and healthy place for you. If you and your spouse were married somewhere other than the United States or live in different countries, an Atlanta, GA, international divorce lawyer can help you through the legal procedure to end your marriage, clearing the way for you to get a fresh start

Our team of exceptional attorneys is familiar with the complex web of foreign, federal, and state laws that work together to govern marriages when the parties live in or were wed in different countries. Our firm understands the concerns that many people face while also recognizing that every situation is unique, requiring a personalized approach. Call our office today to get started.

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