Divorce for Men in Atlanta, GA

It is not unusual for men going through the divorce process to feel like they are at an unfair disadvantage. Divorce for men in Atlanta, GA does not have to be a biased or unfair process. With a strong advocate, you can protect your rights, your personal property, and your children. For professional legal guidance on issues of spousal support, child custody, father’s rights, and more, contact an experienced divorce attorney from our firm today.

What Equitable Distribution Laws Mean for Men

In Atlanta, divorce courts are required to divide marital property on an equitable basis. “Equitable” does not necessarily mean “equal.” Equitable distribution means that the judge divides up the property in a way that they feel is fair. It is possible under equitable distribution that the final divorce order may favor one spouse over the other.

That said, men have the right to their equitable share of marital property during divorce proceedings in Georgia. They are also entitled to retain ownership of the personal property they brought into the marriage. Our attorneys can help clear up what property should not be divided between the spouses while also advocating for the husband on other issues.


Generally, men are far more likely to be ordered to pay alimony than women. Alimony is monthly financial support paid by one former spouse to another. The purpose of these payments is to ensure both spouses are financially stable following a divorce and are able to maintain their standard of living.

Despite historically favoring women, alimony laws do allow men to receive these payments from their former spouses. There are several factors that the Georgia courts will take into account when deciding this issue, and they are primarily needs-based. Gender is not one of the factors the family court is allowed to consider, and it should not have an impact on the outcome of an alimony request.

Understanding Father’s Rights in Custody Cases

Another difficult issue that men have faced for years during the divorce process is custody rights over minor children. While family law no longer favors one parent over the other, judges in the past would frequently award women primary custody of minor children in a divorce.

Ultimately, however, child custody issues are decided based on what is best for the child. This is true even if it goes against one or both parents’ wishes.

A strong legal advocate can help a father who is facing divorce in Atlanta enforce his parental rights in family court and protect his relationship with his children.

Talk to an Attorney About Divorce for Men in Atlanta, GA

Divorce can be a stressful process, especially without strong legal counsel. Whether you are considering filing for a divorce yourself or have already been served with divorce papers, now is the time to seek a skilled divorce attorney.

As you go through a separation, it is important to remember that men have the same rights as women during a divorce case. Reach out to our firm today to speak with dedicated legal counsel about divorce for men in Atlanta, GA and protecting your rights.

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