Alpharetta Parental Alienation Lawyer

Whether you are going through a difficult divorce with your former spouse or are already in a custody agreement with the other parent of your children, a local attorney can help prevent your ex from using your kids to get back at you.

If you feel that your former spouse’s actions are crossing a line, an Alpharetta parental alienation lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options. Don’t let your former partner use your children to get back at you for ending the marriage.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation involves situations where one parent makes disparaging remarks against the other to or around their children. Parental alienation can also include other issues, known as “parental interference,” such as:

  • Preventing a child from seeing their other parent during scheduled visitation
  • Asking children to choose between one parent or the other
  • Using extreme measures to win the child’s love, such as buying lavish gifts or taking extravagant trips
  • Making the child say disparaging things about the other parent
  • Trying to convince the children that their other parent does not love them

These remarks and/or actions may drive a wedge between a child and their parent. If this type of behavior turns into a pattern, an Alpharetta court may consider it a form of parental alienation and count that against the offending parent in cases involving custody rights or support obligations.

Consequences for Children

Children suffer the most from parental alienation. For example, they may experience low self-esteem, depression, or other mood disorders. Their grades and personal relationships may suffer. Older children may also engage in substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviors as a result of feeling alienated.

Proving Parental Alienation in an Alpharetta Court

While Georgia law does not specifically address “parental alienation,” evidence thereof can impact the outcome of custody and child support cases. For this reason, individuals who are concerned about parental alienation should try to document the issue. For instance, texts, emails, or other communications showing statements or actions of the other parent may be used to establish patterns of deliberate alienation of the children.

Impact of Parental Alienation on Custody

Parents who fear that their relationship with their child(ren) has suffered as a result of parental alienation may petition the court to modify their existing custody agreements to address the problem. Some modifications that may be appropriate in cases of parental alienation include:

  • Supervised visitation
  • Requiring the offending parent to attend counseling
  • Changing the physical custody schedule and/or child support arrangements

A local attorney can assist you with pursuing any of these options and advocate for your vested interest in maintaining a meaningful relationship with your kids.

Reach out to an Alpharetta Parental Alienation Attorney

If you are concerned about parental alienation issues with your children, an experienced attorney on our team can help. An Alpharetta parental alienation lawyer can help you understand what your legal options are and how to maximize your chances of success. As your legal advocate, they will help you come up with a solution that best suits the needs of your children. Call our firm today to get started.

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