Family Law Facilitators in Alpharetta

There is no doubt that divorce can be difficult for all parties involved, and the process can be unforgiving, especially if you attempt to dissolve your marriage without the support of an experienced attorney. Fortunately, the courts provide support in the form of family law facilitators.

Family law facilitators are there to answer your and the other party’s questions about the divorce process. They are lawyers, but the assistance they can give to you is limited compared to what your own attorney can do. Keep reading to learn more about family law facilitators in Alpharetta.

What is a Family Law Facilitator?

To serve as a family law facilitator in Alpharetta, a person must be licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia. Instead of representing one of the parties in the divorce case, these facilitators are employed and paid by the court to assist anyone who needs help or has questions. This means that a family law facilitator’s assistance is free to the public.

There are numerous ways in which a family law facilitator can help in a divorce case. For example, they can help submit various legal forms and documents that must be filled out to pursue a divorce. A facilitator can also provide access to legal aid clinics and even refer you to a lawyer.

Every facilitator does things differently. Some like to meet with each party one-on-one to offer individualized assistance, while others use a group setting to help multiple people at once, often in the form of a seminar or group meeting. You can ask our Alpharetta attorneys about what a family law facilitator can do in your case.

Is there Anything Facilitators Can’t Help With?

While there are numerous benefits to working with a family law facilitator, it is also important to understand their limitations. The fact that they are licensed attorneys means they can assist you with certain aspects of your divorce case.

However, what they cannot do is offer legal advice or tell you what to do. Family law facilitators cannot take sides and are prohibited from acting as either party’s attorney in these cases, meaning there is no attorney-client relationship formed with a facilitator.

For some divorces—especially complex or contested cases—a facilitator will simply not be able to provide the type of legal counsel that either spouse need. One of our lawyers can establish an attorney-client privilege with you to protect your interests and strategically defend your rights during and after divorce.

Let an Alpharetta Facilitator Assist with Your Family Law Issues

Family law facilitators in Alpharetta are a useful resource for anyone going through a divorce. While they can provide useful guidance, their ability to help either spouse is limited. To ensure that your rights are adequately represented during your divorce, speak to our intake team about scheduling a consultation with one of our well-versed and diligent attorneys. Reach out to the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today to learn more from a seasoned professional.

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