What to Know about Alpharetta Child Custody

Understanding child custody can help you reach an arrangement that works for your family’s unique needs. To find out what you need to know about Alpharetta child custody, it may be essential to consult with an experienced attorney.

Our team of dedicated child custody attorneys works with parents to reach arrangements that protect the best interests of their children. Being able to achieve these arrangements relies heavily on the actions parents take from the beginning, and an attorney can help you make the correct decisions for your family.

Important Aspects of Child Custody

When handling child custody, what a parent should consider it is not clear cut. It is important to understand that what the court finds to be important when making custody decisions and what the parents feel when making custody decisions do not always align.

The most important factor in determining child custody is the best interest of the child standard, which is very fact-specific. The judge has a lot of discretion in deciding the best interests of the child and is going to use their personal beliefs when making this decision. The court might also use a guardian ad litem, who is an attorney appointed to represent the best interest of the children. That person would conduct an investigation and make a recommendation to the court about what they believe is in the best interest of the children.

Also, if it is a modification, there are some additional factors parents must understand. If it is a custody modification case in which there is an order in place that a parent wants to change, the parent asking for the modification first has to show the court that there has been a material change in circumstances that affects the well-being of the children. This could be difficult as there must be new factors since the date of the order that rises to the material change. They also have to show that these changes are affecting the well-being of the children. An attorney can help guide parents through the child custody process to reach plans that work for them.

Steps Parents Should Take in Alpharetta Child Custody Cases

There are two precautionary steps that a parent should take to avoid a volatile custody battle. The first step is to try to maintain clear communication with the other parent. This could be very difficult because they are in conflict with the other parent. If this is too difficult, parents could use a co-parenting counselor who can help them communicate effectively regarding the best interests of their children.

The second step a parent could take is to pay attention to their own parenting. By avoiding behavior that could contribute to conflict, they can help avoid a contentious child custody battle. An attorney can help them understand what behavior can create conflict as well as how to handle inappropriate behavior from a co-parent. If a parent feels a co-parent is not acting in the best interests of the children, an attorney can help communicate that to the court and find methods to protect the children.

Discuss What to Know about Child Custody with an Alpharetta Attorney

It is essential to understand the factors that are important when determining child custody, especially how the best interests of the child are identified, to reaching an agreement that works for your family. Further, understanding what to do when your situation changes can help you prepare for the unexpected. Our skilled attorneys can help you understand child custody and how to navigate the process so you can reach an arrangement that works for your family. Call today to discuss what you should know about Alpharetta child custody with a member of our team.

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