The idea of what families and couples look like has changed over the years. These days, couples live together and have families without being bound by marriage. Couples should be encouraged to live their lives best suited to their wants and need. However, they should be cognizant of the legal implications of their decisions. Domestic partners should be aware of how the law may affect their circumstances when certain issues arise.

An Alpharetta domestic partners lawyer can help you understand the special considerations that come into play based on your unique situation. A skilled attorney can handle each case with attentiveness and compassion. If you are an unmarried couple interested in learning more about how an attorney can help your family, do not hesitate to call.

Cohabitation Agreements for Domestic Partners

Just as many married couples have pre- or post-marital agreements, an unmarried couple should consider having a cohabitation agreement. Even more so than a married couple, domestic partners should have documentation in place to protect themselves in the event of a separation. If there is no cohabitation agreement, the courts may refuse to intervene. Without concessions between the partners, each person may only be able to walk away from the relationship with their own personal property.

With a cohabitation agreement, a couple can decide how the property will be divided in the event of a separation. This includes homes, bank accounts, and any of other property the couple shared during their relationship. They can even decide whether one ex-partner will pay what is known as “palimony,” which are essentially support payments that are similar to alimony, to the other. A court may enforce an agreement as long as it fits within the confines of the law.

Estate Plans in Alpharetta

The law does not protect domestic partners the way it protects married couples. When one spouse dies, generally, the other spouse will inherit all of most of their assets. With domestic partners, the law does not work the same way. Therefore, it may be especially important for unmarried couples to have an estate plan in the event of an unexpected death.

All too often, a partner loses a home or other assets they had tied up with their partner’s assets. For instance, if domestic partners share a home, one partner could lose the home if the other partner suddenly dies. This is true even they have helped pay for the home. To avoid this type of devastation, the couple should be listed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Also, a couple should have a comprehensive estate plan in place to make sure the surviving partner is not deprived of their home or other cherished property.

Ask a Domestic Partners Lawyer Today

Every person is entitled to live the life that suits them best. Whether you are a heterosexual or homosexual couple who chooses to cohabitate outside the bonds of marriage, you should make sure to protect yourselves and your families.

A qualified Alpharetta domestic partners lawyer has worked with families from all walks of life and knows the importance of securing a worry-free future. An attorney can listen to your goals and concerns and create a comprehensive plan best suited to fit your needs. Call today for a consultation.

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