Divorce for Men in Roswell

Most men have heard about other men getting wiped out financially when they divorce. They may also have heard horror stories about men losing their relationship with their children when their marriages ended.

These tales may have had some truth to them decades ago, but the divorce laws have evolved to be fairer to both parties. A divorce does not need to bankrupt you or prevent you from being an active and involved father.

Work with a legal team that understands the stakes of divorce for men in Roswell. Our trusted divorce attorneys are skilled at negotiating fair financial settlements and preserving relationships between fathers and their children.

Negotiation Allows More Control

Sometimes, people enter divorce proceedings feeling bitter, angry, defensive, and ready to fight. Those feelings are often justifiable but do not help reach a fair settlement.

Fulton County courts give the parties in divorce proceedings ample opportunity to resolve their differences through negotiation. Doing so allows the couple to divide their property in the way that makes the most sense for them. It also allows the parents to work together to craft a co-parenting plan that best serves their children.

When the parents cannot reach agreement on one or more issues, the judge will hold a divorce trial and make an enforceable ruling. The judge’s opinion about a fair property settlement or the custody arrangement that serves the children best might be different from yours. Our Roswell family law attorneys strive to help you reach a negotiated settlement so that your divorce orders work for you and your family. We take your concerns as a man filing for divorce seriously.

Property Division Must Be Equitable

Marital property is everything you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, regardless of whose money purchased it or how the property is titled or registered. The exceptions are inheritances, gifts from others to one spouse, and property either of you owned before you got married.

The law requires that couples divide their marital property equitably. The distribution is often not equal. When a judge must decide on property division, they consider the length of the marriage, each spouse’s financial and other contributions to the household, and other relevant factors.

When you and your spouse cannot agree on a property settlement, our firm’s Roswell men’s divorce attorneys will fight vigorously for your desired outcome in court. They will ensure the judge recognizes your economic and other contributions to the household and argue for a fair distribution that takes them into account.

Custody Laws Are Gender-Neutral

Often, a man’s biggest concern when divorcing is maintaining his relationship with his children. The perception persists that custody laws favor mothers over fathers. That is no longer true, and custody laws are now explicitly gender-neutral.

The Official Code of Georgia § 19-9-3 describes the factors judges should consider when deciding on custody arrangements. The factors emphasize considering each parent’s relationship with each child, their experience as primary caregivers, and their familiarity with the children’s specific needs and preferences. The stability of the home, and any history of domestic violence, child neglect, or substance abuse are also important considerations.

When both parents agree to shared or joint custody and demonstrate that their schedules can accommodate substantial parenting time, a judge can presume that joint custody is in the children’s best interests. Even when joint physical custody is not feasible, and the children’s mother gets primary custody, fathers usually receive generous parenting time. A Roswell men’s divorce attorney can help you devise a co-parenting plan that allows you to maintain an important role in your children’s lives.

Work With a Men’s Divorce Lawyer in Roswell

A divorce is stressful. It is important to work with an attorney who understands your concerns and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team about divorce for men in Roswell. Reach out today.

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