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There is a long-running misconception that the scales are tipped in the favor of the mother during any child custody disputes. In reality, that is not the case. The law does not give preference to either parent during these issues. Instead, it offers both parties the opportunity to seek visitation or child support.

As a mother, you deserve an advocate who understands the unique challenges women face during the divorce process. Our seasoned family attorneys can advise you of your options and serve as advocates for your family’s best interests. Reach out to a Roswell mother’s rights lawyer from our firm today.

The Right to Child Support

Before a single mother is entitled to child support payments, the father’s identity must be formally recognized by the courts. This is done through a process known as establishing paternity.

Paternity can be established in different ways. If it is not assumed due to marriage or mutually established at the time of birth, a mother has the right to pursue a paternity action and a court-ordered DNA test to reach a conclusion on this issue. Once paternity is established, a mother can seek child support payments from the father.

It is important to note that the father does not automatically receive parental rights at this point. They must first legitimate the child before they can petition the court for custody or visitation. A Roswell mother’s rights attorney can help a mother with the process of establishing paternity as well as manage any issues that may result from a father who is reluctant or otherwise uncooperative with paying child support.

Mothers Can Seek Sole Custody

There is no gendered preference under family law toward a mother or father being awarded custody. Both parents have an equal opportunity to be involved in their child’s life. However, there are situations where a relationship with a parent does more harm than good. A mother can seek sole custody if they believe their child is in danger. These decisions are always based on what is best for the child. Some factors the judge considers when making this decision include:

  • Home environments;
  • Any history of abuse;
  • Health of the parents;
  • Health of the child;
  • The relationship between the parties.

There are a lot of factors to consider when one parent seeks sole custody. Often, the outcome of these cases comes down to the advocacy made by legal counsel at trial. The stakes are too high to face these challenges alone.

Whether you want to seek sole custody or simply want to ensure your custody arrangement aligns with what is best for your family, a Roswell mother’s rights attorney from our firm can advocate on your behalf and help you prepare for what to expect.

Contact a Roswell Mother’s Rights Attorney Today

If you are a mother who is concerned about the potential for custody disputes or other legal issues related to your children, now is the time to seek help. Our team can answer your questions about how best to protect yourself and your relationship with your child.

Do not put your family at risk by acting alone. Call a Roswell mother’s rights lawyer today to get started.

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