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Georgia state law allows parents to request changes to their current child support obligations only in specific circumstances. When a parent wishes to modify an existing child support order – either to increase or decrease the payment amount – it is their responsibility to show that they have experienced economic or income changes, or that the child has different economic needs than when the existing order was issued.

If you previously went through a divorce and require a modification of your child support order, it is best to speak with a diligent attorney from our team. A Milton child support modification lawyer can evaluate your case and discuss what legal options may be available to you. Our team can advocate aggressively on your behalf and work toward a favorable outcome in your case.

Reasons to Modify Child Support

There are many reasons provided under Georgia law for why a family law judge in Milton may grant a request for child support modification. For example, if one parent has endured a notable shift in their economic circumstances, either party may petition the court for an adjustment in their financial obligations.

Additionally, a clerical mistake made in the agreement’s terms or a divorce decree which does not include child support provisions may warrant a post-divorce modification. A Milton attorney can review a parent’s circumstances to determine whether they have a valid petition for child support modification. We can also effectively represent either parent’s interests before a judge during a hearing.

Changes in Income

A substantial and ongoing change in a parent’s income could form the basis of a successful petition for changes on a child support order. For example, if one parent is unable to maintain gainful employment, either party would be authorized under state law to request a modification of child support.

While child support can only be altered once every two years, modifications based on material changes in either party’s circumstances can be made at any time. This means that if a parent loses their job, the two-year waiting period would not apply, and a lawyer in Milton could help initiate the process of modifying child support.

Violations of Visitation Rights

A violation of a parent’s visitation rights may also warrant a modification. For example, failure to take the visitation time ordered by the courts or taking more visitation than permitted would also constitute exceptions to the two-year filing deadline imposed on other modification requests. One of our attorneys can help a parent modify their child support order based on changes in their visitation schedule.

Talk to a Milton Child Support Modification Attorney Today

While most modifications to child support are made when either parent experiences an adjustment in their economic circumstances, not all situations are as straightforward. A seasoned Milton child support modification lawyer from our firm can help you understand what to expect from filing a petition to change your current arrangement.

We can also explain your legal rights and fight to protect your interests. Consider reaching out to our intake team today to set up your introductory appointment with a qualified legal advocate.

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