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Prenuptial agreements have a bad reputation that is mostly undeserved. While many people think that “prenups” are only for celebrities or rich people and only serve to protect the property of a wealthy individual who is about to get married, they are actually useful tools that far more couples can make use of before tying the knot.

To get the most out of such a pre-marital contract, though, it may be wise to talk to one of the experienced attorneys on our team about your particular case. A Forsyth County prenuptial agreements lawyer can explain how a prenup can benefit your marriage and even strengthen the relationship you have with your significant other.

What is a Prenuptial Contract?

A pre-marital agreement is a document signed by a soon-to-be-married couple that delineates their rights and responsibilities in the event of a divorce. They are especially common for wealthy individuals who are about to tie the knot with their fiancée because of how prenups describe the property that each spouse is bringing into the marriage.

However, the benefits of prenuptial contracts extend far beyond just listing the property that each person is bringing into the marriage to prevent it from being split in the event of divorce. In a variety of respects, prenups can provide certainty for spouses in Forsyth County by outlining what would happen in the case of a future divorce.

Topics that a Pre-Marital Agreement Could Cover

Prenuptial agreements most commonly deal with the issue of marital asset division upon divorce or separation. By listing the property that each spouse is bringing into the marriage, the agreement isolates those belongings and prevents them from being split in half during the divorce. As a result, it can streamline a potential divorce process by solving what can become a very heated and contentious issue before it even arises.

However, a prenup can also address alimony or spousal support in the case of divorce. By stating how much will be paid from one spouse to the other — or whether there will be any payments at all — a pre-marital agreement can further simplify a potential divorce proceeding in the future.

Dealing with these crucially important issues before marriage can be a huge draw for some spouses — not only does it simplify a potential divorce, it also clarifies what would happen if the spouses legally separate, eliminating any uncertainty they may have about what the future would hold. However, the power such agreements hold often makes it essential to have a Forsyth County prenuptial contracts attorney on hand to provide legal guidance and support.

Prenups and Child Custody and Support

It is important to note that a prenuptial agreement cannot cover everything. Because a prenup is an agreement between spouses, the document cannot settle issues that deal with any marital children, like child support or child custody. Should a divorce or separation occur, the family court judge would resolve any issues involving children, focusing their determination on the best interests of the children rather than the interests of the parents involved.

Talk to a Forsyth County Prenuptial Agreements Attorney for Help

Crafting a pre-marital contract is a serious task to undertake. Even the question of whether you and your spouse need or would benefit from a prenup does not always have a clear answer. Talking to a Forsyth County prenuptial agreements lawyer could clarify your rights, as well as how a prenup would benefit you in the long run.

If you do decide to create a prenuptial agreement with your soon-to-be spouse, retaining legal representation could be the best way to ensure it protects your best interests while still being enforceable in court. Get in touch today to learn more about the assistance qualified legal counsel can provide in your case.

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