Forsyth County Separation Agreements Lawyer

Couples who have decided to separate can benefit from a separation agreement. These agreements set out the rights and obligations of each spouse following the separation, allowing both parties to move into the future with key relational matters settled.

However, a poorly drafted separation agreement may not cover all important issues sufficiently or may even be unenforceable in court. Fortunately, this is where our knowledgeable marital agreement attorneys could step in to help. With assistance from a Forsyth County separation agreements lawyer from our team, you could rest assured that your rights and interests are being preserved so you can maintain your well-being and lifestyle in your post-separation life.

What is the Role of a Separation Agreement in a Divorce?

Divorce litigation is expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and public, with some of a couple’s most intimate details—as well as their finances—being flung open to potential public scrutiny. As such, many couples prefer to negotiate privately rather than take their differences to court.

Separation agreements are designed to resolve all the issues that a divorce judge would resolve after a trial. Accordingly, instead of putting the decision to a neutral third party, a separation agreement could give separating spouses the opportunity to create their own terms of the divorce. This can vastly expedite the process and drastically cut down the expense of a divorce proceeding.

However, just because a separation agreement keeps a divorce out of the courtroom, it does not mean that there is no room for qualified legal counsel to help. The numerous issues that such an agreement can cover—not to mention their importance to the lives of both parties after the divorce—highlight the benefits of strong legal representation.

Issues that a Separation Agreement Can Resolve

All legal separations, whether resolved through a separation agreement made in advance or one established at the time of separation, involve lots of moving parts and complicated issues that need to be resolved. A Forsyth County separation agreements attorney could explain complex disputes and help an uncertain spouse determine how best to proceed in order to protect their future.

How Can a Separation Agreement Help with Dividing Property?

A critical part of every separation agreement is determining who gets what property and assets. Items purchased with commingled funds must be separated, and the separation agreement can be where decisions about divisions are established and memorialized. However, large assets like a shared home or vehicle need to go to one spouse or the other, or else be liquidated for the proceeds to be split equitably.

Caring for Marital Children

If a relationship involved children, a separation agreement could address which parent gets to keep primary custody and which parent will receive visitation. In addition to where the children will stay, child support payments from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent may be warranted to offset the increased costs of raising children on a daily basis. However, because courts scrutinize provisions of a separation agreement related to children particularly closely, assistance from a separation agreements lawyer in Forsyth County may be especially critical in this regard.

Call a Forsyth County Separation Agreements Attorney

If you and your spouse have decided to separate but would rather avoid depending on the rigors of a courtroom to settle your disputes, calling a Forsyth County separation agreements lawyer may be the best move for you to make. With the help of an attorney, you could be assured that your interests are being protected and that you have high hopes for your post-separation future. Give us a call today to get started.

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