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Receiving a denial for Social Security benefits is not uncommon. In fact, most applications submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) are met with denial letters. This is because staff members at the SSA will reject disability claims on the basis of very specific technical requirements.

Even so, this does not mean an application for Social Security benefits has failed. Every applicant has the right to appeal a denial within 60 days. The goal of most appeals is to attend an administrative hearing, as that is often an individual’s best chance to receive payments. Still, this process can be frustrating, and many people become discouraged by the SSA’s complicated procedures.

A Dawson County Social Security lawyer at our firm can help you obtain the benefits you’re entitled to, regardless of whether you’ve already received a denial. A qualified disability attorney can explain the relevant laws, help gather necessary documentation, and prepare you for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

What Goes into a Successful Social Security Claim?

The SSA only awards Social Security benefits to applicants who can prove that they suffer from an illness or injury which prevents them from working a full-time job. Understanding what you need to prove in order to obtain benefits under one of the SSA’s benefit programs is vital to pursuing a successful disability claim.

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, imposes an asset limit on qualifying applicants. As a result, those with working spouses may find it difficult to meet the SSA’s income and asset requirements. Similarly, a home and any other sellable assets may count against an applicant’s SSI eligibility.

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, requires you to have a significant work history. However, there is no family income or asset limit to qualify for SSDI in Dawson County. The amount of work credits an applicant needs to obtain SSDI benefits will depend on their age at the onset of their disability. A local disability attorney can help explain the differences between these two programs and determine the cause of an initial denial.

Guiding You through the Social Security Appeals Process

Most applications for Social Security disability benefits meet a denial for a variety of reasons. For example, failing the means test, a lacking work history, or insufficient medical evidence commonly result in Social Security denials in Dawson County. Regardless of the reason for a denied disability application, every person has the right to pursue a Social Security appeal. An experienced disability law firm can take the lead in any necessary appeals.

An appeal must be filed within 60 days of receiving the denial letter. It should include a fresh application that answers many of the same questions as the initial claim. The SSA may ask for additional evidence of your work history, current medications, and daily activities. A skilled Social Security lawyer on our team can help complete and submit all necessary appellate paperwork.

If a subsequent application results in another denial, you have a right to request an administrative hearing before an ALJ for an opportunity to submit fresh evidence, make legal arguments, and tell your side of the story to someone who can make an independent decision. A Dawson County disability attorney can prepare you to present your case to an ALJ to maximize your chances of success.

Let a Dawson County Attorney Help in Your Social Security Disability Claim

It is understandable to be frustrated and confused after receiving a denial letter from the SSA. If an injury or illness prevents you from working or making ends meet, you may qualify for benefits even after a denial.

A Dawson County Social Security lawyer can help identify the reason for a denial, gather additional evidence, and submit appeals to keep your case moving forward. If you are granted a hearing before a judge, we can help make sure you are prepared to testify effectively. Reach out to one of our disability attorneys immediately to learn more.

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