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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is designed to replace the wages of disabled workers who can no longer maintain gainful employment in their field or any other field. While Social Security Disability benefits can help mitigate financial challenges, there is no guarantee a claim will be successful.

In fact, most SSDI claimants receive a denial on their first applications. While a denied claim does not prevent you from ultimately obtaining the disability compensation you need, it could cause unnecessary delays in your pursuit of SSDI. By working closely with a Dawson County SSDI lawyer, you could address a denial or avoid one altogether. Let one of our advocates for the disabled help you obtain the compensation you’re entitled to from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Common Grounds for SSDI Denials in Dawson County

While an SSDI claim could be denied on many grounds, certain reasons are more common than others. Understanding the reason for your SSDI denial can make a substantial difference in your ability to effectively appeal that decision.

Every SSDI applicant must meet two basic eligibility requirements. First, you must have a diagnosed disability that prevents you from working. Second, you must have earned enough work credits to show that you paid into the Social Security system prior to becoming disabled.

Substantially Gainful Activity

When it comes to SSDI claims, it is not enough to suffer a debilitating injury. If a person is ultimately able to return to work in a significant capacity, their application for SSDI benefits will be denied. Any applicant who can work over a specific number of hours each week is considered capable of substantially gainful activity and, therefore, not disabled. Ask a disability attorney whether your current employment would impact your eligibility for SSDI.

Proof of Work Credits

Anyone who fails to provide sufficient proof of work credit or disability can expect to have their claim denied. Fortunately, one of our steadfast attorneys can help a Dawson County resident provide supplemental evidence in a subsequent appeal.

Failure to Cooperate

The SSA commonly requests additional documents or medical exams to support an applicant’s claim. Cooperation is mandatory, and failure to comply could result in a claim dismissal, forcing a disabled worker to start the SSDI application process from the beginning.

Seeking an Appeal for a Denied SSDI Claim

Fortunately, there are several opportunities to reverse SSDI denials throughout the appellate process. Specifically, there are four different levels of appeal, each of which could lead to the reversal of a denied SSDI claim.

The first step in the SSDI appeals process is requesting reconsideration by the agency that made the initial determination. Unfortunately, reconsideration usually results in a subsequent denial since the same agency is reviewing the claim again.

The next appellate step involves requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This step gives SSDI applicants and their Dawson County attorneys the opportunity to provide additional supporting evidence.

If the ALJ upholds the denial, there is a chance the Appeals Council will overturn the decision in a subsequent appeal. If the Appeals Council renders an unfavorable decision, the final option for an SSDI applicant is to file a lawsuit and seek review of their denial in federal court.

Talk to a Dawson County SSDI Attorney Today

When you take on an SSDI claim by yourself, you put your chances of recovery at risk. Even a minor error could result in a denial of disability benefits.

Let a Social Security Disability attorney at our firm protect your legal rights throughout every step of the SSDI claims process. Reach out to a Dawson County SSDI lawyer today to get started.

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