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If you recently received a denial letter after submitting an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it is understandable to be confused. It may seem clear to you that an illness or injury is keeping you from earning enough income, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) may have a different opinion.

Even so, all applicants have a right to appeal an SSI claim within 60 days of receiving a denial. A Dawson County SSI lawyer at our firm can advise you on filing a strong initial claim or help you file an appeal if you’ve already been denied disability benefits. Our Social Security lawyers can explain the reason for your denial, determine the best path moving forward, and advocate for your right to receive SSI benefits.

Identifying the Reason for an SSI Denial

Most people who apply for benefits under the SSI program receive a denial because SSA staff members look for specific eligibility criteria in every application and will deny any claim that doesn’t meet those standards.

The most common reason for a denial is insufficient proof of disability. According to the SSA, a disabled person suffers from a diagnosed medical condition that prevents them from participating in substantially gainful activity (i.e., a full-time job). If an applicant fails to establish a medically identifiable disability, they will be denied SSI benefits.

Additionally, qualifying for SSI requires an applicant to show that they meet the SSA’s income threshold. SSI is only available on an as-needs basis, and parties with other sources of income or disposable assets above a certain amount will not qualify for SSI.

Specifically, unmarried SSI applicants cannot have more than $2,000 in income or assets, and the limit rises to $3,000 for married applicants. A Dawson County SSI attorney can explain the requirements for approval and why the SSA may have issued a denial.

A Denial Does Not Mean a Claim Has Failed

An initial denial of an SSI claim is often a natural part of the process. Fortunately, every denied applicant has the right to request an SSI appeal, but they must do so within 60 days.

An appeal requires many of the same pieces of information as an initial SSI application. This includes:

A Dawson County lawyer can assist you with gathering and submitting this information in an SSI appeal. If an initial appeal results in a subsequent denial, the next step is to request a judge’s hearing.

Every person has the right to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). These hearings give an applicant the opportunity to present their case to someone who is not bound by the SSA’s review standards. One of our advocates for the disabled can help request these hearings, submit evidence ahead of time, and prepare claimants to testify in court.

Contact a Dawson County Attorney Today to Keep Your Case Alive

Receiving a denial after submitting an application for SSI payments is not unusual. Whether a denial is a result of a lack of medical evidence or too much disposable income/assets does not mean that you are not eligible to receive SSI benefits. All people have the right to pursue an appeal but must do so quickly to keep their cases moving forward.

A Dawson County SSI lawyer at our firm is ready to help you. Our team can explain the claims process, gather the necessary evidence to submit an appeal, and prepare you to appear in person before an Administrative Law Judge. Call our Social Security Disability law firm today to see how we can help you.

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