Crabapple Mother’s Rights Lawyer

In child custody disputes, family judges treat each parent equally under the law. However, there are unique challenges facing mothers during this process that a dedicated family attorney can help with.

When you, as a mother, are worried about the future of your visitation or custody rights, you can benefit from a discussion with legal counsel. You deserve an attorney who understands how to navigate the family law system. Reach out to a Crabapple mother’s rights lawyer from our team right away to understand your rights and how to exercise them.

How Custody Is Determined

When two parents split up and are unable to collaborate on a custody agreement, the decision ultimately falls into the hands of the judge. The Georgia family courts will determine the custody arrangement based on what is in the best interest of the child. Although there is a common misconception that this process always favors the mother, that is not the case.

Shared custody is generally favored by courts. Additionally, the courts will consider financial stability when making custody decisions. However, there are other important factors that have nothing to do with money, such as:

  • Fitness of each parent;
  • Preference of the child;
  • History of abuse or neglect;
  • Health of the parents or child; and
  • History of providing care for the child.

Ultimately, all these factors are carefully weighed by the family court to determine what arrangement promotes the child’s overall health and happiness. When any mother in Crabapple or surrounding areas has concerns regarding these issues, they can benefit from the guidance of an experienced mother’s rights attorney.

Child Support Obligations

As is the case with custody of a minor child, mothers are not guaranteed preferential treatment when it comes to child support obligations. Each parent has a duty to provide financial support to their children. When a parent does not have primary custody, they may be required by the court to make monthly support payments.

A single mother has the right to ask the court to determine the paternity of their child. By formally establishing the identity of the biological father, they can petition the court for financial support. The amount of child support owed to the mother depends on a wide range of factors, including how much each parent earns and the amount of parenting time each party has. A mother’s rights attorney in Crabapple can help determine appropriate child support payment amounts.

Enforcing a Mother’s Rights

A mother’s legal rights only matter when she is able to enforce them. Thankfully, family court provides a number of options for enforcement. In some cases, it may be enough to get the other parent to comply with a court order by having an attorney make contact with them. In other situations, a motion for contempt may become necessary.

Call a Crabapple Mother’s Rights Attorney for the Resources You Need

Your role as a mother is important, and you deserve the opportunity to play a pivotal part in the lives of your children. Complex legal issues can get in the way, but relying on a Crabapple mother’s rights lawyer can help you overcome them. Call our firm today to learn more.

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