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Can Text Messages and Email Be Used as Evidence in My Divorce?

Text messages and other forms of electronic communication can be used as evidence Things have changed drastically with the evolution of communication. Now text messages, emails and other electronic forms of communication are acceptable forms of evidence in court.  However, before you start saving pages and pages of incriminating text messages from your soon-to-be-ex, make […]

Hey Dads, Legitimizing Helps Your Child – Understanding Legitimation in Georgia

As a father, if your child was born out of wedlock, you have no right to custody or visitation rights in the State of Georgia until the child is legitimized. As such, your child is missing out on some important rights. Legitimation allows your child to inherit from you and receive social security benefits on […]

Attorney’s Corner: Dealing with Financial Stresses

Interviewer: You talk a lot about kids in your blogs, but I don’t have kids. However, my ex and I are still in communication because we are trying to sell our marital home. What advice do you have for me about how to handle interactions with my ex? Attorney Soltys: Your ex must be a high conflict […]

Attorney’s Corner: Can My Spouse Lock Me Out or Drain Our Accounts?

Interviewer: I’m getting a divorce.  My soon to be ex-spouse has taken out all our money and closed our bank and credit card accounts.  What do I do? Attorney Soltys: If the case was already pending when these changes were made, then your spouse might be in contempt of the Standing Order that is issued […]

Attorney’s Corner: What Does Happily Ever After Mean To You?

Interviewer:  What does Happily Ever After Divorce mean to you?  Attorney Jeanette Soltys: Happily Ever After Divorce is about approaching the divorce process with the goal of helping get the client to a better place after the divorce than when they first come to our office. Being in a bad marriage is emotionally taxing, and by […]