Shawna Woods Joins the Atlanta Divorce Law Group


We are proud to welcome Shawna Woods to our team of legal advocates at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group. She brings with her over 17 years of experience in family law, a passion for justice, and a dedication to finding the best solutions for her clients. Not only is she a great fit for our team, but she is also committed to protecting our clients’ rights.

Shawna began studying law in college, where a classmate sparked her dedication to justice and helped her find a career where she could feel like she was making a difference. She graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2003 and has been practicing family law for the majority of her career. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, she not only offers great insight into efficiently managing a law firm, but she can also provide our team with the support and legal strategy it needs to succeed in a variety of family law cases. Her previous experience as a managing partner and law firm owner has given her the leadership and legal experience needed to work alongside our team as we continue to provide exceptional services to our clients as they find their own Happily Ever After Divorce®.

To Shawna, the most important component of family is the people you hold close and who are there to celebrate your joys with you and help you through rough times. To her, family can be biological, chosen, or a combination of the two. Family is made of people who look out for each other, regardless of relation.

Having practiced law for as long as she has, Shawna understands how important compassion can be during every step of the legal process. The families we represent at ADLG are vastly different and diverse, and Shawna takes pride in her ability to identify what’s important to the person she is working with. By listening to and learning from each case, Shawna is able to discover creative solutions to a variety of diverse family matters.

At the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, we know how important it is to work together. When you curate an atmosphere where people enjoy what they do and want to give their all, it translates into the work you are able to provide. Shawna is eager to help facilitate that positive atmosphere by not only helping clients with their needs, but also by assisting in our team’s operations. We are so happy to announce that she has joined our team, and we look forward to offering her services to our clients.

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