Buckhead Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

When it comes to matters involving children, the law in Buckhead treats mothers and fathers equally. However, it is not uncommon for fathers to encounter biases that favor mothers in family law cases.

A Buckhead fathers’ rights lawyer could help dads improve their familial hardships in a way that is fair for both parents and their children. Schedule an appointment with an experienced family attorney today to learn more.

Custody and Visitation Rights in Buckhead

One of the most contentious issues in family law is the custody and parenting time of children. Parents who work well together can create a parenting plan that addresses these issues themselves, but the court may make these decisions for them if they cannot agree.

Fathers who have legal custody of their children have the same rights as mothers. They can apply for sole or joint physical custody and could be ordered to either pay or receive child support. Even if a mother has primary physical custody of children in a case, a Buckhead attorney could advocate for a generous visitation schedule that gives a father sufficient time with his children.

Child Support Payments

In Buckhead, both parents have a responsibility to provide financial support for their child. Usually, the person who does not have primary physical custody of the children is responsible for paying child support. The court usually considers multiple factors when calculating child support, such as both parents’ incomes and the costs of daycare, private school, health insurance, and extracurricular activities.

The court may also consider the amount of time each parent has with their children. When parents share custody relatively evenly, the law may not require much of a support payment, but a parent who only sees their children occasionally would likely pay more in support than those who frequently have overnight visits with their children.

Adoption & Termination of Rights

According to the Official Code of Georgia §19-8-12, the biological father of a child has the right to consent or not consent to the adoption of that child. For instance, if the child’s mother marries, her new spouse cannot adopt her child without consent from the biological father so long as his identity is known. Fathers who have established their paternity should be notified of any pending adoptions by the state’s Putative Father Registry.

A child can be adopted without their father’s consent only in cases where a judge has terminated his parental rights. Termination is possible when a father has abandoned, neglected, or abused their child to such a degree that he is deemed no longer a fit parent.

A fathers’ rights lawyer in Buckhead could help dads fight back when another party wants to adopt their child or terminate their parental rights. They could help a father gather evidence which advocates for his role as a fit caretaker.

Contact a Buckhead Father’s Rights Attorney

The relationship between a child and their father is too important to leave to chance. Without qualified legal representation, a father’s rights may be overlooked or disregarded. If you are battling for child custody or child support, or if you are facing the termination of your parental rights, schedule an appointment with a Buckhead fathers’ rights lawyer from our team today.

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