Many parents have questions about child support provisions, including whether they may be eligible for support and how much they could obtain. Although child support payments vary from case to case, consulting with a Buckhead child support lawyer may be a good first step towards getting your questions answered.

Our team of dedicated family law attorneys could review your case to see if you might be eligible for child support. They could also provide information on how courts decide support payment amounts and the other various factors that influence child support decisions.

Obtaining Child Support

By default, either parent may be eligible for child support in Georgia. Courts usually determine eligibility based on financial capacity and other related factors, such as the amount an individual spends with their child.

Other relevant aspects of childcare such as travel expenses, availability of Social Security benefits, and benefits from public assistance programs may also impact a court’s calculation of child support, according to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-6-15. A Buckhead child support lawyer could provide further information on how courts may calculate support payments in any given situation.

Temporary Child Support

Depending on the circumstances of a case, courts may issue temporary child support orders that provide support during divorce proceedings up until the divorce is finalized. Courts generally issue such orders if they believe the parent with custody of the child needs support payments in order to remain financially independent during divorce proceedings.

Temporary child support may be warranted if a divorce is especially contentious, is taking longer than expected, or is more complex and more expensive than expected. The court also has the power to order restitution for attorney’s fees or litigation expenses as part of a temporary child support order.

Child Support Modifications

Parents may also petition for child support modifications if they feel they are either paying too much or receiving too little monetary support. Under O.C.G.A. §19-6-15, a parent may petition for a modification in the following situations:

• Substantial change in their financial circumstances
• Substantial change in their income levels
• Substantial change in the needs of the child

For example, if a parent paying child support suffers an involuntary loss of income or is laid off, they may petition for a reduction in their support payments. In the same vein, a parent receiving child support may petition for increased payments if the other parent has received a promotion or a new job that has substantially increased their income.

Usually, a parent may only petition for child support after two (2) years have passed since the date of the last child support order. However, this requirement may not apply in situations where a parent has violated their visitation arrangement or taken more visitation time than they are allowed. Parents who need further information on child support modifications should call a child support attorney in Buckhead for a consultation.

Let a Buckhead Child Support Attorney Assist

Child support can be a complex issue with varying outcomes depending on the specifics of each parent’s circumstances. Factors such as income, assets, and parenting time can all contribute to the amount of child support a court is willing to grant.

If you qualify for child support, a Buckhead child support lawyer could file the necessary paperwork on your behalf and represent you in hearings to advocate for you and your children. Be sure you obtain the child support you deserve—set up a consultation with our team today.

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