Practice Family Bonding With Origami

A green origami bird is pictured against a black and gray background.
Jan 22, 2024 | Content

If you are looking for a family activity requiring minimal supplies and effort, origami should be next on your to-do list! Origami might seem too challenging or even not stimulating enough for children, but there are plenty of accessible and delightful shapes to keep your kids endlessly entertained. Plus, they won’t be able to stop themselves from filling your home with paper swans, dragons, and more!

Whether you are going through a tough time such as a separation, divorce, struggles with child custody and visitation, or simply want to enrich your time with your family, finding simple ways to connect with your loved ones can make all the difference.

Practice Patience and Mindfulness

No running, jumping, or yelling involved. Children can partake in a soothing activity requiring their undivided attention when practicing origami. Origami is even considered a form of focused attention meditation, which involves concentrating on a single object to induce a relaxing state. Calmly focusing on folding a piece of paper into a unique shape requires you to be present in the moment and can be a fantastic way to introduce mindfulness to your family.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Origami also helps younger children better understand spatial concepts such as measurements, shapes, and directions. Studies show that origami helps children improve their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning skills.

Encourage a Mathematic Mindset

The shapes and measuring involved in origami are also an incredible way to implement geometric concepts, terms, and formulas. For older kids, you can make origami a geometry lesson! Use different geometric formulas and apply them to various paper shapes. This will help students better visualize and understand these mathematical concepts.

How To Get Started

There are endless resources online or at your local library to create age-appropriate origami activities. While you can purchase special origami paper, you can also use standard paper and scissors to cut sheets into the proper size. Fill your table with a rainbow assortment of colored papers and let your kids pick the origami shape of their choice. Before you know it, origami rabbits and birds will be lining your shelves!

Reach Out to Our Team for More Family-Centered Ideas

Not only is origami a simple activity that only requires paper, but it also offers a variety of benefits to children and adults alike. Discover how origami can boost your family’s brains and the perfect way to start folding!

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