What Are You Most Afraid Of? The Two Biggest Fears We Hear From Parents

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Oct 30, 2018 | Sara Khaki

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s worth noting that fear plays a curious role in people’s lives. Whether people are searching for the scariest Halloween costumes for their kids or trying to pick the most suspenseful murder-mystery film, frightful feelings are often at the forefront of their mind. While the terror that accompanies these Halloween festivities is superficial in nature, our attorneys here at Atlanta Divorce Law Group want to acknowledge two of the most common and serious fears we hear from clients going through custody negotiations.

One of the biggest fears clients have pertains to their financial security after a divorce. For example, during their previous marriages, many of our clients were stay-at-home mothers. While numerous responsibilities fell on their shoulders, such as taking care of the children, shopping for groceries, and maintaining the home, they didn’t earn a living wage for their efforts. Then, in the aftermath of a divorce, they are tasked with finding a way to financially provide for themselves and their family. For some, this means joining the workforce for the first time. While this can be quite scary, we have several concierge partners who can help with financial planning, resume building, and preparing for job interviews.

Another fear we frequently hear has to do with a parent worrying that after they move out, they won’t be able to play such a large role in their kids’ lives anymore. In most family dynamics, there is one parent who is more involved in their kids’ extracurricular activities and schooling. This usually doesn’t indicate any kind of neglect; it’s just often how parenthood works. In order to ensure that the children are getting time with both parents and that the parents are comfortable with their level of responsibility, our attorneys meticulously work to create an ideal custody arrangement for all involved.

Lastly, we know that when it comes to the fears associated with major life changes, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. If you are experiencing fears related to financial security, custody negotiations, or any other concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for guidance.

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