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Do I Have To Take a Parenting Class For My Divorce?

Many states request, and some even require, that a parenting class is taken by both parents before a divorce is finalized by the judge.  Georgia requires both parents to take a parenting class. Parenting classes are courses taken by parents to assist them in navigating through the divorce with their children.  These classes are required for all […]

7 Tips to Managing the Holidays Post-Divorce

If you have children; make sure your holiday parenting plan is in place well ahead of time: Ensuring that both you and your ex-spouse are on the same page with the children’s schedule will reduce a lot of stress and heated emotions during the holidays. Spend time with your family: Be intentional about spending some time with […]

Will My Ex-spouse Owe Me More Money in Alimony if He/She was Unfaithful?

Most states nowadays have implemented no-fault divorces in which a party seeking a divorce need not provide a reason for ending the marriage other than that the marriage has been permanently broken.  Georgia has no fault grounds but also still has fault-based divorces in which a party seeking to end a marriage can state the […]

How To Pay for My Divorce Attorney’s Fees?

Like all major decisions in life, going through a divorce requires a bit of planning.  One of the factors many people need to plan for is how to pay for their legal fees. Option #1: SAVING UP TO PAY FOR ATTORNEY’S FEES This is where the financial planning for the divorce takes place.  Like any […]