Three Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Social Security Disability

Georgia Social Security Disability Lawyer
Oct 30, 2018 | Sara Khaki

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal aid program designed to provide financial assistance to those who are physically disabled and therefore restricted in their ability to be employed and earn their livelihood. SSDI benefits help make it possible for a disabled worker to maintain a home, pay their utility bills, put food on the table, and pay for other necessary expenses. The process of proving that a worker is eligible to receive SSDI benefits, however, is complex. Many applications are denied.

So what can you do to improve the chances of your application being approved? The Khaki Law Firm has some advice on mistakes to avoid when seeking Social Security Disability Insurance approval:

Not Adequately Preparing Your Application. This is one of the biggest mistakes that applicants make, and it can quickly lead to a denial of your SSDI claim. All applications are evaluated according to strict federal guidelines. The reviewers are making sure that all relevant requirements are met, all disabilities are described with the correct terminology, and that all the appropriate employment and medical records are included. If the paperwork is not in order, or some of the required information is incorrect or missing, the reviewers will probably not approve your application.

It is also important to note that once you submit your application, you should consistently be checking the status of the application. The window of time for filing an appeal is small and can easily be missed.

Continuing To Work. SSDI provides financial support to those who have lost their ability to work. The benefits are only payable to those who are found to be completely disabled, either mentally or physically, and not able to work at any type of paying employment. So, if you return to your job or are trying to continue to work, it can signal the application reviewers that your disability is not severe enough to receive SSDI benefits.

Not Seeking Legal Help. While there is no magic solution to make an application for SSDI automatically successful, experienced Social Security attorneys know that sometimes the right phrasing can make a tremendous difference in how an application is perceived by the team undertaking evaluations or reviewing appeals. A skilled and knowledgeable SSDI lawyer can also provide guidance throughout the application process and serve as an advocate on your behalf.

The Khaki Law Firm can help guide you through the disability maze. If you have any questions about the process of obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance, or if you would like to set up a consultation with one of our experienced Social Security professionals, call (678) 798-8776 or use the Contact Us form on our website.

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