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Grandparents often worry they have no rights when it comes to their grandchildren, especially when co-parenting issues arise between the children’s parents. Fortunately, in Georgia, the state recognizes the significance of the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild and has implemented laws to support and encourage it. When you are looking for further information about your rights, reach out to a Roswell grandparents’ rights lawyer. The experienced family attorneys from our firm can go over your questions and concerns and try to find ways to help you stay involved in your grandchild’s life.

Options Grandparents Have Regarding Visitation

If parents are going through a divorce or they are involved in a custody battle, grandparents often worry they may not be allowed to see their grandkids during this challenging time. While Georgia does grant some rights to grandparents regarding visitation, certain factors must be established first.

For instance, to get visitation rights, a grandchild’s parents must be either separated or divorced. A grandparent will not be able to get legal visitation rights if the parents are still married. Additionally, the family courts will consider what is in the “best interest of the child” when determining if grandparents should have visitation rights, and this situation will usually be examined from the grandchild’s point of view. A Roswell attorney from our firm can help a grandparent learn more about their options regarding visitation in their specific circumstances.

Factors That Determine Visitation Rights

When deciding whether court-ordered visitation with grandparents is in the best interests of the grandchildren, the Georgia family courts will take into account several factors, including:

  • The financial support given by the grandparents to the grandchildren;
  • The nature of the relationship between the grandparents and grandchildren;
  • The age and health of the grandparents as well as the grandchildren;
  • The ability of the grandparents to meet the grandchild’s developmental, physical, and emotional needs.

To better understand how these factors can influence a grandparent’s visitation rights, contact our skilled Roswell attorneys to review these legal options in more detail.

Can Grandparents Have Custody?

When grandparents have custody of a grandchild, the scenario is similar to third-party custody, where another individual other than the biological parents has custody rights over a child. This type of custody arrangement generally occurs when a child is in a harmful situation due to abuse or neglect. However, for grandparents to get custody of their grandchildren, they would need to provide clear reasons as to why they should have this right. These reasons can include:

  • The parents are not fit to care for their child;
  • The parents have given up their roles;
  • There is an incredibly strong bond between the grandparent and the child;
  • The grandchild would be harmed medically, physically, or emotionally if they were returned to their biological parents;
  • There is evidence that the grandchild was harmed physically and psychologically by their biological parents.

Due to the complex factors that go into determining custody,  reviewing these issues with a skilled attorney in Roswell can help grandparents determine what rights they have when it comes to their grandchildren.

Contact a Roswell Grandparents’ Rights Attorney To Learn More

When you want to explore your rights as a grandparent or learn more about seeking visitation or custody of your grandchild, contact an experienced Roswell grandparents’ rights lawyer.

Our team can review your case in detail, go over Georgia’s laws and how they apply to your situation, and help you better understand your legal options. Do not wait any longer. Reach out to the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today.

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