Roswell Child Support Modification Lawyer

Financial circumstances can change for better or for worse, and your current child support order may no longer be appropriate. If you are concerned that your child support order is no longer beneficial for your family, a skilled child support attorney can help you advocate for legally binding changes.

The court can modify child support when a parent’s or child’s circumstances have undergone substantial changes. A Roswell child support modification lawyer can review the details of your case and finances to help you pursue alterations.

Financial Circumstances Warranting a Modification of Support

A parent may petition for a modification of child support under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-6-15(k) if one party’s income or the financial needs of their children have changed significantly. Examples of financial circumstances that may justify a modification include:

  • A substantial increase or decrease in either parent’s income;
  • Involuntary job loss; and
  • Ongoing medical care or special needs which were not present at the time of the original order.

Parents involved in modification matters must provide reliable evidence of their income and other relevant financial information. This documentation may include income tax returns, pay statements, and medical bills.

A claimant who does not provide enough evidence of their financial circumstances may receive an unfair child support order. Fortunately, a Roswell child support alteration attorney could help a parent present strong evidence and advocate for an order which reflects their financial caring capacity.

Changes Based on Parenting Time

Because local courts base child support order on finances and parenting time, a parent’s interactions with their kids could warrant alterations thereto. O.C.G.A. §19-6-15(K)(ii) allows a parent to petition a judge for a modification of child support if the noncustodial parent:

  • Failed to exercise court-ordered visitation
  • Exercised a greater amount of visitation than ordered

For this reason, a person anticipating a modification case should keep detailed records, a calendar, or other evidence to document parenting time between both parties. A seasoned child support adjustment lawyer in Roswell can provide useful insight into how parenting time can affect these court orders.

Procedures for Modifying Child Support

A parent seeking to change their existing child support order must file a petition with a local family court. The same procedural rules associated with divorce proceedings apply to modifications of child support, according to O.C.G.A. §19-6-15(k)(4).

These procedures are sometimes complex and may involve temporary orders, a jury trial, and the presentation of complex financial evidence in court. Parties must also exchange financial information that may be relevant to their case.

Failure to follow laws and court procedures can negatively impact a case. A Rowell attorney can help ensure that procedural rules are followed and fight for favorable child support changes on behalf of a parent.

Seek Guidance from a Roswell Child Support Modification Attorney Today

Child support orders should be tailored to fit your family’s financial situation and to serve your children’s needs. If your circumstances have changed, you may need to petition the court to adjust child support.

Following court procedures and presenting strong evidence can increase your chances of reaching a fair outcome. A Roswell child support modification lawyer can offer professional and qualified guidance to help you. Contact our intake team today for more information.

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