Johns Creek High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce, one of our experienced family law attorneys can help you protect your valuable assets. A divorce can significantly impact your finances for years to come but taking action right away could improve your chances of receiving a favorable property award.

A Johns Creek high-asset divorce lawyer can help you protect your property rights and prepare strong evidence for a court case. High-net worth divorce cases often involve complex evidence and nuanced laws, so help from a skilled legal team can be substantially beneficial.

Property Division in High-Asset Divorces

As with any divorce, the court must classify assets as marital or separate before they can divide marital assets fairly between spouses. However, pursuant to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-3-9, separate property remains under the ownership of the spouse who owned it prior to marriage. Separate property includes assets owned before marriage, gifts, and assets acquired through inheritance.

Although these laws apply to all divorces, high-asset cases are more likely to involve large amounts of separate and marital property or complicated financial situations. Separate property that has changed in value during the marriage or that was combined with marital property can also complicate a high-net worth divorce case in Johns Creek.

Evidence in High-Net Worth Divorce Cases

Spouses must provide each other with relevant financial and real estate information as part of their divorce. Parties may also seek other information about their finances through appraisals, accountants, and other means.

Financial records and property information disclosed during discovery can be used as evidence in a court hearing. Evidence in a high-asset divorce could include:

  • Tax returns;
  • Bank, brokerage, and retirement account statements;
  • Titles and other real property records;
  • Property appraisals;
  • Business records;
  • Personal financial statements; and
  • Bills or evidence of spending.

A party may also wish to present testimony from an expert witness like an appraiser or forensic accountant to establish an asset’s value.

Evidence and testimony should be presented in compliance with legal rules and local court procedures. A Johns Creek attorney can help organize and present complex evidence during a high-worth divorce.

Protecting Valuable Assets

A person involved in a high-net worth divorce may be concerned that their spouse will wrongfully conceal assets. A lawyer in Johns Creek can provide valuable advice and insight on protecting high-value assets before and during a divorce. A person should be careful about taking action prior to speaking with a lawyer, as transferring assets could violate O.C.G.A. §19-5-7.

A Johns Creek High-Asset Divorce Attorney Can Help

Facing divorce is stressful, especially when valuable assets are at risk. You may wish to take immediate action to protect your property rights and build a strong case.

Evidence and legal concepts in high-value cases can be complicated, but an experienced Johns Creek high-asset divorce lawyer can help you build a winning case. Call our intake team now to learn more about protecting your valuable assets.

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