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While paternity is generally assumed in cases where a child is born to married parents, many situations fall outside of this set of circumstances. When this happens, paternity must be established to seek the rights and privileges afforded to fathers under Georgia law or bear the responsibilities of such.

Whether you are currently seeking to establish paternity for your biological child or find yourself in a scenario where you are dealing with a paternity suit. A Gwinnett County paternity lawyer can help you establish or fight back against a paternity case. Our experienced family and custody attorneys will help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with your case while fighting for the most optimal results.

The Importance of Paternity in Family Law Cases

The discussion of paternity, even if there is no dispute about the origin of a child’s birth, often arises in family law cases. This is especially true when custody, visitation, and child support are issues at play. While a situation where a child is born to married parents will typically mean that the child’s paternity is presumed, paternity is not presumed otherwise. If two unmarried individuals have a child together, paternity must first be proven for the father to be legally granted access to their child or to have any support obligations accorded.

Multiple parties can seek to formally establish paternity, including the child’s mother and the presumed father. Once paternity is established, this can give rise to several different courses of action by either parent. For example, the father can petition for legitimation and seek custody or visitation rights.

In addition to the father’s ability to have physical access to their child and make decisions as to their life and well-being following an establishment of paternity, this can also enable the child access to certain benefits from the father they would not otherwise have. This might include health insurance, Social Security, or the right to inherit from their estate in the future. After establishing paternity, the family court may order the father to pay child support. A Gwinnett County attorney can offer assistance in a wide range of cases, from seeking to prove the paternity of your child to pushing back if you are facing an unfounded paternity action.

Methods of Legally Proving Paternity

When two parents are married, and a child is born to them, no further steps need to be taken to formalize paternity. Otherwise, a few different legal actions can establish the paternity of your child. If you and your partner agree as to the paternity of the child, both can sign a voluntary acknowledgment form, which is commonly done at the hospital where the child is born. This acknowledgment may also be signed at any local Georgia Department of Public Health Vital Records branch.

In cases where the paternity of the child is in dispute or one party is reluctant to establish paternity formally, it may be necessary to get Georgia family courts involved. The judge will commonly order that the mother, presumed father, and child undergo DNA testing. Only after paternity is established can any other process, such as the establishment of custodial rights or child support, be undertaken. It is wise to speak with a Gwinnett County attorney in any matters involving paternity to ensure your rights are protected.

Call a Gwinnett County Paternity Attorney

Whether you are facing a contested paternity case or not, a Gwinnett County paternity lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in helping you navigate this legal process. Our firm can also help you address other issues commonly accompanying paternity cases, such as custodial rights, visitation, and financial support.

Whatever the chain of events that led you here, knowing that you have a staunch legal advocate on your side moment by moment can not only lend you a piece of mind but help you pursue the most effective resolution to your case. To schedule your legal consultation, call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today.

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