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Child support is mandated by the State of Georgia to help ensure that children are adequately supported by both of their parents if the parents are not married. Child support is awarded to the primary custodial parent in a divorce, legal separation, paternity, or legitimation case. All courts in the State of Georgia use the same formula to determine how much child support should be awarded. However, the determination and award of child support may appear to be inconsistent or even unfair to some.

Many factors are used by the judges of the Gwinnett County Superior Court to determine how much child support is awarded, and these factors may need to be reassessed throughout the child’s life to ensure the they are properly supported.

Additionally, you may face the issue of needing to enforce a support order if the other parent refuses to pay what they were court-ordered to pay. Child support disputes often create heated conflict between parents.

It is important to consult with an experienced Gwinnett County child support lawyer who can assist you with any issues that arise and help you secure adequate financial support for your child. Our family law attorneys are well equipped to help you in any child support dispute.

Determining Child Support

Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 19.6.15(a), the state expects that each parent, the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent, financially contributes to the care of their child. The custodial parent is the parent who the child lives with more than 50 percent of the time.

Since the custodial parent provides for the child directly by providing shelter, food, clothing, and daily necessities of life, the non-custodial parent is typically ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. The courts use a complicated set of guidelines and formulas to determine how much the non-custodial parent is required to contribute.

Georgia relies on an approach where the incomes of both parents and many additional factors are considered. The Georgia courts all use the same calculation, but it is important to note that each family, and therefore each case, is different. The amount calculated based on the guidelines will often be adjusted due to these unique factors.

Factors that May Affect Child Support Awards in Gwinnett

Many factors are considered when determining child support to ensure that each child is receiving all of the financial support they need from both parents and to ensure that both parents are fairly contributing to their child’s care. Factors that the courts may consider, pursuant to Section 19.6.15(b)(8), in adjusting child support include but are not limited to:

All these factors can adjust the actual child support calculation. These factors are numerous and complicated. An experienced Gwinnett County lawyer can spot potential issues and assist parents in identifying what they may potentially owe or can receive to support their child.

Consult with a Gwinnett County Child Support Attorney Today

If you have a child with a former spouse or partner, child support will be a reoccurring factor in your life until your child is no longer your dependent. Furthermore, child support may need to be enforced if the non-custodial parent refuses to pay or falls behind on their support or modified if your situation changes. There are many complexities associated with determining and maintaining child support, therefore it is important to work with an attorney who knows how to navigate these difficulties.

Consulting with a Gwinnett County child support lawyer can provide you ample aid in ensuring your child is financially assisted. At Atlanta Divorce Law Group our local lawyers understand that listening to your personal stories will help us better understand the type of customized solutions that best fit your situation. We also understand that it is important to approach each case compassionately and in a spirit of compromise. Call today for the representation you need.

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