Gwinnett County High-Assets Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce will have a profound effect on a person’s financial future. However, when a couple retains high value assets, the outcome of their marriage dissolution is especially crucial.

Regardless of the reasons for a divorce, Gwinnett County family judges are obligated to create an equitable distribution of all marital assets. These include assets gained during the marriage and any property both parties had control over during their union.

It follows that an unfavorable divorce could have a serious effect on your future finances without the help of a qualified attorney. A diligent and well-versed Gwinnett County high assets divorce lawyer can work to protect the property rights of a spouse during the dissolution of their marriage.

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    The Key Concept of Property Division in Divorce Cases

    A top priority for many divorcing couples is to ensure that they retain control over their assets. State laws require family courts in Gwinnett County to make an equitable distribution of a couple’s marital assets. However, equitable does not necessarily mean 50/50.

    Local courts will consider several important factors when making this determination, including:

    • The length of the marriage;
    • The role of either party in bringing assets to the marriage;
    • The ability of either party to earn a living after divorce; and
    • The poor behavior of either party that led to their divorce.

    A driven Gwinnett County high-asset dissolution attorney can provide more information about the benefits of addressing property distribution before entering divorce litigation.

    Taking Steps to Promote Asset Protection

    Many high asset divorce cases in Gwinnett County conclude long before the case gets to trial, although some can last for months or even years. Both parties have the right to conduct extensive discovery into the assets and liabilities of the other.

    As soon as one party files for divorce, the other should take steps to catalog their own assets and identify their partner’s property as well. Investigating these assets and asking the right questions during discovery meetings, depositions, and mediation sessions can be made easier with the professional guidance of a skilled high net-worth divorce lawyer in Gwinnett.

    How a Gwinnett County High Asset Divorce Attorney Can Help

    Retaining an experienced attorney who is familiar with the local family court system can make a substantial difference in asserting your property rights. While case law says that a distribution of assets must be equitable, the judges have full discretion to determine what equality or fairness will look like in each case. This can lead to significant financial losses for many people who brought considerable assets into a marriage or who earned them while married.

    A dedicated Gwinnett County high asset divorce lawyer can prevent this from happening by making impactful legal arguments, establishing a spouse’s sole ownership of a property, demonstrating that the other party’s poor behavior was the cause of the split, and identifying marital assets to stake a fair claim. Every moment in a high asset divorce is important, so consider getting in touch with our intake team today to get your case started as soon as possible.

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