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The breakdown of a marriage is difficult but increasingly common. Divorce is a complicated process, especially without the support of right local divorce attorney. However, consulting with a seasoned Gwinnett County divorce lawyer can provide you a valuable ally who will assist you during these uncertain times.

An adept attorney understands how to handle all types of divorces in a way that reduces the emotional and psychological stress that comes with any divorce. They can bring you emotional and legal support to decrease your stress by spotting issues that you may not recognize and answering difficult questions. Even if you think that your divorce is amicable, a family law attorney can help ensure that all of your legal needs are served and your concerns represented.

Grounds for Divorce in Gwinnett County

Under Georgia Code Section 19-5-3, the state allows for a divorce for a variety of factors. A divorce may be granted for any of the following reasons as well as several others:

  • Adultery by either of the parties
  • Willful desertion by either party for more than one year
  • Drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Conviction of a crime of moral turpitude
  • The marriage is irretrievably broken

The last reason for divorce, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, is a catch-all term. It means that the marriage is beyond repair but may not be for a particular reason, or the reason is not included in the list in the statute or is through the fault of one of the parties in particular. This is termed as a no-fault divorce, and in Georgia, claiming this as the cause of the divorce often allows the divorce proceedings to move faster, as there is no need to prove fault.

A Gwinnett County lawyer understands the nuances of the different grounds for divorce and may help divorcing spouses choose the option that fits their circumstances.

Requirements for Separation

To obtain a divorce in Gwinnett, Section 19-5-2 provides that one of the parties to the divorce must be a Georgia resident. The residency requirement in Georgia is six months. If only one party is a resident of the state for at least that length of time, this party must file the divorce.

Additionally, the state of Georgia understands that the path to divorce is not always linear. A couple may reconcile or decide to put off their separation. Therefore, under Section 19-5-3(13), the state will not grant any party a no-fault divorce until after 30 days have passed since the divorce papers were served, even if the divorce is amicable and both parties have consented to the divorce.

Consulting a Gwinnett County attorney can help someone seeking a divorce ensure they meet Georgia’s requirements for divorce. Understanding these requirements can help lead to a faster resolution of a case.

Talk to a Zealous Gwinnett County Divorce Attorney Today

A compassionate Gwinnett County divorce attorney understands how important your family is to you and how dealing with matters close to home can cause anxiety and emotional upheaval for you and your family members. A divorce attorney takes pride in understanding how to make the divorce process as simple and painless as possible.

Consulting with a Gwinnett County divorce attorney can help you find guidance and comfort during this uncertain time and may assist you in finding answers for your family. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable and caring counselor.

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