Forsyth County High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

There is a lot at risk in a high-asset divorce, but an adept family law attorney can help you fight for your rights. High-net worth divorces involve voluminous financial records, lengthy court proceedings, and complex legal concepts. Failing to take the correct action in these cases can have dire consequences.

Hiring an experienced Forsyth county high-asset divorce lawyer can be a vital step in protecting your property rights. For assistance with determining the value of your assets before divorce, consider working with one of our experienced attorneys.

Laws Ensuring the Fair Distribution of Assets

The local family court is required to divide marital property equitably, meaning in a way that is fair to both spouses. This not necessarily mean assets will be divided equally between spouses. Equitable distribution laws help ensure that the court can divide property fairly.

A Forsyth county lawyer can help you understand how these laws apply in a high-asset divorce. For example, Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-5-7 prohibits the transfer of most property while a divorce is pending, unless the transfer is used to pay a bona fide preexisting debt.

Discovery and Financial Disclosures in High-Asset Divorce Cases

In all divorce cases, spouses must provide one another with documentation of all property, bank accounts, and other financial records. Spouses also have the opportunity to ask each other formal questions before a court hearing.

This process is called discovery and helps ensure that both parties have complete and up to date information about their marital finances. Disclosure can also help prevent one spouse from hiding assets from the other.

In high-asset divorces, financial disclosures and the discovery process are time-consuming and complex. However, both seeking and providing the necessary information are essential for obtaining the best possible outcome. A lawyer in our area can help you successfully navigate the disclosure process to ensure that your high-value assets are protected during divorce.

Dividing Unique and Valuable Assets

Some assets, such as checking accounts and vehicles, may be relatively easy for the court to distribute. However, the process may be more complicated when dividing:

  • Assets located out-of-state or in another country;
  • Business interests;
  • Retirement or brokerage accounts;
  • Jewelry and firearms;
  • Unique or unusual property like artwork or private aircrafts; and
  • Club memberships.

If spouses do not agree on the value of an asset, one or both may need to retain an expert to conduct an appraisal and testify about a property’s value. Special court orders may be necessary to distribute retirement accounts. Evidence to prove that an asset is the separate property of one spouse and not subject to distribution may also be necessary in some cases. One of our attorneys can take proactive measures to advocate for your property rights throughout a high-asset divorce.

Let a Forsyth County High-Asset Divorce Attorney Provide Protection

If you are facing a divorce with high-assets involved, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your property. A Forsyth County high-asset divorce lawyer can help you secure your valuable property. Call our intake team today for advice on how to proceed.

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