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It is common for divorced couples to assume that all matters between them are settled for good. In reality, some issues can continue to flare up for years. If you are facing a problem regarding the terms of your divorce decree, you can benefit from the guidance of a skilled family attorney. With the right approach, it may be possible to resolve these conflicts favorably. A Crabapple post-divorce disputes lawyer from our firm can review your situation and advise you of your options.

Common Complications Following a Divorce

There are many factors that can lead to conflicts following the end of a marriage. A Crabapple post-divorce disputes attorney can help you address a variety of issues, including:

Changing Circumstances

There are times when problems can arise after circumstances in life change. This could involve either parent seeing a sudden increase or reduction in their earnings, affecting child support or alimony agreements.

Changes in the health of the parents or their children might also result in disagreements over the terms of the current custody and visitation arrangement.


One situation that can dramatically alter the relationship between former spouses is remarriage. When one of the parties marries again, it could trigger a number of changes under the terms of the current decree. This includes the end of alimony payments, for example. What’s more, changing relationships can also lead to new strains on the existing parenting plan. Adding a new spouse into the equation could lead to arguments over how visitation is conducted.

Requests to Relocate

Arguably, the most disruptive issue that can arise among formerly married couples is an attempt by one party to relocate out of state with a minor child. This can occur years after a divorce decree is finalized due to the impact a long-distance move can have on the non-custodial parent.

Relocating within the same town or area is rarely contentious and does not require court approval. However, relocating out of state or far away can require the judge to review the current custody order.

Options for Resolving Disputes

There are different tools available for resolving post-divorce conflicts. The right option depends on the situation’s specific circumstances. With the help of a Crabapple post-divorce disputes attorney, finding an enforcement option that resolves any issues with a former spouse could be possible.

First and foremost, many disagreements can be resolved by negotiating with the other party. There are times when conflicts arise from honest mistakes. An attorney could work with a former spouse to address a dispute over unpaid child support or disagreements over visitation. When an amicable solution is not an option, one possible method is the modification of the divorce decree. When it comes to major violations of a court order, a motion for contempt may be appropriate. These motions can lead to fines, wage garnishments, or even imprisonment.

Contact a Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney in Crabapple

Dealing with contentious issues long after a marriage has been dissolved can be frustrating. However, you do not have to handle the burden alone.

If you are dealing with conflict with a former spouse, you deserve an attorney who is unafraid to fight for your rights and your family’s best interests. Call a Crabapple post-divorce disputes lawyer from the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today.

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