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There are many factors that can complicate or delay the divorce process. Few factors are more likely to create complex issues than disputes over high-value assets. Relying on the guidance of a skilled divorce attorney is paramount for protecting your best interests throughout this process. From determining what specific items are worth to assisting with liquidating marital property, a Crabapple high-asset divorce lawyer can assist you with every aspect of your divorce to maximize your potential of a favorable outcome.

What Assets Are Considered “High-Value?”

While there are specific guidelines on what constitutes a high-value divorce, certain valuable assets are more likely than others to complicate the dissolution of a marriage. The process of bringing a marriage to an end can be especially convoluted when the spouses own assets that are rare and, therefore, difficult to value or sell.

The specific property in these cases can vary dramatically. Some examples could include the following:

  • Stock portfolios;
  • Rare art or jewelry;
  • High-end sports cars;
  • Retirement accounts;
  • Closely held businesses;
  • Commercial real estate.

One of the ways a high-asset divorce attorney in Crabapple can help is by identifying all of the property in the marital estate that could prove to be challenging. From there, our team can develop a plan to determine the value of those assets before liquidating them in an effort to ensure compliance with the court-ordered division of property.

Common Challenges in High-Asset Divorce Cases

There are two important challenges that come with these types of divorces. First, determining the value of high-end assets is not always easy. Unlike commonly-purchased items, rare assets typically do not have an extensive buying history to draw on.

In addition to determining the value of these items, it can also be difficult to liquidate them. Often, assets are sold in an effort to ensure an equitable split of the marital estate.

It is important to remember that the courts have an obligation to divide marital property in an equitable way, meaning fair but not necessarily equal. This mandate can make it difficult for both sides to reach a settlement. A high-asset divorce attorney in Crabapple can provide the support needed to manage these challenges.

How Forensic Accountants and Experts Can Help

Forensic accountants and other financial experts can play a pivotal role in the divorce process when the value of the marital estate is high. This is particularly true when one spouse suspects the other of concealing income or assets. By examining financial records, these professionals could uncover hidden wealth or signs of fraudulent transfers designed to keep assets away from the other party.

In cases involving specialized stock options or closely held businesses, these experts could offer the necessary skills to determine the actual value of the estate. This becomes invaluable when assessing the impact of various divorce agreements on one’s financial future.

Talk to a Crabapple High-Asset Divorce Attorney Today

When it comes to high-value property, finding a way to liquidate and distribute everything fairly can be especially difficult. If you are concerned that the value of your marital property could make for a difficult divorce process, our firm can help take the stress off your shoulders.

Let a Crabapple high-asset divorce lawyer evaluate your case. Call today to learn more.

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