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While some divorces are contentious and require numerous lawyers and a trial to resolve, others are relatively amicable and straightforward. In these uncontested divorces, often the only thing that is needed is a separation agreement for the two involved spouses to negotiate and sign. However, just because this is easier than protracted litigation, it does not mean that creating an effective separation agreement with or without an experienced attorney’s help is itself a simple matter.

Even in uncontested divorces, there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved, especially if there were children from the marriage who still need to be cared for. Retaining a Cobb County separation agreements lawyer from our firm could help ensure that you and your spouse cover all the bases that need to be covered at this difficult juncture in your life.

How Separation Agreements Work

When a divorce gets heated, it may have to be resolved through a trial in family court. Once there, the judge will decide what should be done regarding marital assets, children, and spousal support and write up an enforceable divorce decree addressing their answer to each of these concerns. The litigation process is expensive, time-consuming, and often very stressful.

Conversely, separation agreements skip straight to the divorce decree. However, instead of the judge intervening and deciding important matters on the spouses’ behalves, the spouses negotiate the tenets of the separation contract themselves and sign it on their own terms.

Mediation and Separation Agreements

One potentially effective way to create a separation agreement in Cobb County is through mediation. With the help of a neutral mediator, spouses can work through their difficulties in an environment that is conducive to productive discussion and craft a separation agreement that meets the needs and desires of both parties.

A Cobb County separation contract attorney could assist with the mediation process in a number of ways. An attorney could preemptively coach a spouse through the process, help them decide what their interests are and understand their rights, and prepare them for the discussions that will have an important impact on their post-divorce life.

Common Parts of a Separation Agreement

All separation agreements are different. However, the issues that they need to resolve are often the same. These typically include:

  • Dividing the marital property, including the marital home
  • Deciding which parent will have primary custody of the marital children
  • Determining how much visitation time the noncustodial parent will have, and when they will have it
  • Allotting child support payments to the noncustodial parent to compensate the custodial parent for bearing most of the day-to-day costs of raising the children
  • Figuring out whether the financially dependent spouse should receive alimony payments to get them back on their feet after the separation

Additionally, the unique circumstances of each separating couple may require further agreements and resolutions to ensure everything is taken care of after the separation is complete.

Call a Cobb County Separation Agreements Attorney to Protect Your Interests

Crafting a separation agreement can be incredibly difficult. It is also critical to do so properly because so much of your future well-being can be dependent on a valid and enforceable agreement preserving your rights and interests.

With the legal assistance of a Cobb County separation agreements lawyer, you could have a legal expert ready and able to advocate on your behalf or coach you through the mediation process as needed, helping you create a contract you can live with throughout your post-divorce life. To get started on your case, call today to speak to our intake team about your situation.

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