Cherokee County Name Change Lawyer

People often desire to change their names. There are many reasons you might want to do so, from cultural and religious reasons to just not liking your birth name.

If you want to change your name legally, contact a Cherokee County name change lawyer. Our team of family law attorneys can oversee the process and ensure your name change goes smoothly.

Dropping Your Married Name After Divorce

People who adopted their spouse’s name when they got married often want to go back to their prior name after a divorce. It is possible to request the judge handling the divorce to restore your former name.

You must include the request in your initial divorce filing—either the petition or answer, depending on whether you or your spouse files first. You must change your name back to your maiden name or the name you were known by when you married. If you wish to adopt another name, you must go through a different process.

Although you make the request when you file your initial divorce papers, the judge does not restore your former name until the divorce is final. A Cherokee County attorney will review the draft decree and ensure the name change is correct. You must then obtain a certified copy of the decree from the court clerk to prove the name change to Social Security and other government agencies.

Changing Your Name for Other Reasons

The Official Code of Georgia §19-12-1 governs name changes for reasons other than marriage and divorce. Someone could change their name to make it easier to spell or pronounce, to conform to their gender identity, or for any other reason.

You must petition the court to legally change your name. The clerk at the Cherokee County Superior Court can give you the forms you need to file. An error would require you to refile, so it is best to work with a local attorney to ensure the forms are accurate and complete and you have attached all the necessary supporting documents for your name change.

You must also publish a notice of your pending name change in the newspaper once a week for four consecutive weeks. This notice informs creditors and others that you will be changing your name. After the notice has been published four times the court will hold a hearing. If the judge is satisfied that you are not trying to evade creditors, the court will order your name changed.

When Safety Concerns Prompt a Name Change

You might want to change your name because you feel unsafe. For example, someone who has experienced human trafficking or domestic violence may be afraid that people from their former life might track them down and harm them.

The law allows people seeking a name change for safety reasons to change their names without having to publish their intentions in the newspaper. You could apply to waive the publication requirement when you submit the petition for the name change.

The judge usually wants to hear from you before granting the waiver. A Cherokee County attorney can accompany you to court and help persuade the judge that your fear is legitimate. If the judge grants the waiver, they also can grant the name change immediately at that hearing.

Contact a Cherokee County Attorney When You Seek a Name Change

Getting a name change is relatively simple, but it may make a huge impact on your feelings about yourself and your life. It is important to get it right.

Working with a Cherokee County name change lawyer ensures that everything will be done correctly and your name will be approved without complications. Reach out today to get started.

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