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For mothers who are involved in legal proceedings with their children’s father, their primary concerns are often ensuring the well-being of their children and protecting them. A Cherokee County mother’s rights lawyer is committed to helping with this pursuit.

Facing legal proceedings without a trusted family attorney can be both intimidating and a detriment to the outcome of your case. At the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, our team will advocate for you whether you are going through a divorce, seeking child support, or protecting your family from domestic violence or abuse.

Asserting a Mother’s Rights During Divorce

Changes in family law over the past few decades have made divorce a gender-neutral process, at least in theory. For example, the judge might award either spouse primary physical custody of their children. In the past, this would almost always have been awarded to the mother.

A Cherokee County mother’s rights attorney can stress to the judge how much children value and depend on their mother’s presence. They will fight a former spouse when he makes unreasonable demands for excessive parenting time.

Additionally, a mother who was her children’s primary caregiver may have delayed her career during her marriage. Ensuring mothers receive adequate financial support to maintain a comfortable home for their children is a priority for our firm.

Protecting a Mother’s Right to Child Support

Every parent must provide financial support for their children regardless of how often they see them or whether they have any relationship at all. Unfortunately, some non-custodial fathers fall behind on child support, leaving mothers to provide for their children’s needs without help.

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 19-6-15(b) describes the state’s child support guidelines. A formula determines how much a non-custodial father must pay to the mother to contribute to their children’s basic needs. If the non-custodial father does not pay, a Cherokee County attorney can take him to court to protect the mother’s rights. Penalties for not paying child support could include:

  • Garnishing the father’s wages;
  • Intercepting the father’s state and federal tax refunds;
  • Seizing the father’s bank accounts;
  • Suspending the father’s driver’s license;
  • Suspending professional licenses; or
  • Suspending hunting, fishing, and other recreational licenses.

In some cases, the judge could fine the father and put him in jail until he brings his child support up to date.

What if the Child’s Father Did Not Establish Paternity?

When a mother was not married to a child’s father, and he never acknowledged paternity, the judge could determine the child’s parentage. If a DNA test indicates the man is the father, the judge will issue an order of paternity that includes a direction to pay child support. However, paternity does not give the man the right to custody or visitation. It only imposes the obligation to pay support.

A Mother’s Right To Keep Her Family Safe

Exiting an abusive relationship can be extraordinarily difficult. Once a woman has managed to get free, keeping herself and her children safe is critical. A mother’s rights attorney in Cherokee County understands these challenges and will work diligently to ensure the law protects families who are in danger.

Our team can advocate for sole legal custody when a mother cannot safely co-parent with her children’s father. Although Georgia courts rarely bar a parent from contact with their children, if a mother is concerned her children would be unsafe with their father, she can ask that a social worker supervise visits.

The court can also keep a mother’s new address confidential. All contact between the former partners could go through an attorney, so they do not have to interact directly. Rest assured our firm will do everything possible to keep families safe.

Contact a Cherokee County Mother’s Rights Attorney Today

When you are involved in a family law matter, contact a Cherokee County mother’s rights lawyer for assistance. We represent mothers in all matters affecting them and their children.

You do not have to navigate the legal system alone. Reach out now to speak to a compassionate attorney.

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