Qualifying for SS Disability in Buckhead

If you are disabled and unable to work, you may be struggling to support yourself and your family. However, if you seek legal assistance from a skilled hearing claims advocate, you may have a better chance of qualifying for SS disability in Buckhead.

Obtaining SS disability benefits is rarely an easy process and involves navigating a complex system of applications and appeals, which can be challenging to handle on your own. A dedicated social security disability law firm can evaluate your eligibility for benefits and provide you with the assistance that you need to reach a favorable outcome.

Earning Requirement for SS Disability

Individuals must meet two different earning requirements to qualify for SS disability. Applicants must have worked for a certain number of years based on their ages at the time they became disabled. For instance, those who become disabled at age 31 or older must have worked for at least five out of the last ten years to qualify for SS disability in Buckhead.

It is also important to measure how long claimants worked and paid Social Security taxes before becoming disabled – or how many work credits they earned. Individuals can accrue up to four credits per year. The minimum number of work credits required to qualify for benefits is six, and the maximum is 40.

Additionally, if claimants are working and earning over a specific dollar amount per month when they apply, they do not qualify for disability. In this case, they are ineligible because they are engaged in substantial gainful activity.

Disability Requirements for SS Disability

The process of determining whether an individual qualifies for SS disability benefits involves examining their medical conditions. The Social Security Administration (SSA) utilizes a multi-step inquiry to determine whether claimants meet the disability test.

What is the Severity Threshold for Qualifying Conditions?

First, SSA determines if the medical conditions causing the applicant to seek SS disability is severe enough to warrant an award of benefits. To qualify, the condition must significantly limit their ability to conduct necessary work activities for at least 12 months. Basic work activities include sitting, standing, lifting, walking, and remembering.

Do Some Conditions Automatically Qualify for SS Disability?

If a medical condition is sufficiently severe, the SSA will identify whether it appears on their list of impairments. The SSA’s list of automatically qualifying conditions include those which are severe enough to prevent someone from engaging in any gainful activity regardless of age, education, or work experience.

What is the Significance of Prior Work Duties in Local SSD Claims?

If a claimant’s medical conditions do not meet an impairment listing, the SSA will consider whether they are able to do the work that they did in the past. More specifically, the SSA will consider whether an individual can perform any work duties based on their age, experience, and education. Those who cannot perform their duties may qualify for SS disability in Buckhead.

Ask an Attorney about Qualifying for SS Disability in Buckhead

Qualifying for SS disability in Buckhead entails a complicated process. Consideration of your application involves an extensive inquiry into your medical conditions and how they impact your ability to perform essential work duties. Many individuals receive at least an initial denial of their claims for benefits. As a result, consulting legal counsel about your application for SS disability benefits may be wise.

Especially if you receive a denial of benefits, retaining the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer may be integral to the appeals process. Like the initial disability determination, the appeals process is lengthy and requires several stages of administrative and judicial review. Call today to learn more from local legal counsel.

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