Divorcing a Narcissist in Buckhead

If you are married to a narcissist, you know they can be hard to live with. They can be even harder to divorce.

Despite your best intentions to handle the split amicably, a narcissist usually cannot help but escalate the intensity. You need an attorney skilled in high-conflict divorce litigation.

When you are considering divorcing a narcissist in Buckhead, preparation is key. Getting ready emotionally and financially before the papers are filed can help you remain safe and sane during the process. Reach out to our trusted team today for individualized guidance.

Preparing Financially for a High-Conflict Divorce

Narcissists need to be in control, and one of the best ways to control you during and after a divorce is through money. The first thing you must do when considering divorce is ensure you have enough funds set aside to pay your bills for a few months. If that is not possible, start thinking about relatives or friends who could help you out financially if your spouse withholds funds or demands excessive payments from you while the divorce is pending.

If your spouse handles the finances, make sure you know your financial position as a couple before you start divorce proceedings. Study tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills, and all other financial documents so you know where you stand. Review your prenuptial agreement, if you have one, and ask your attorney to look at it.

Keep detailed records of your spending and try to track your spouse’s spending as well. These records can be helpful during property division and alimony negotiations. They also can point your Buckhead attorney in the right direction if your narcissistic spouse submits misleading or false financial information during the divorce.

Develop a Strong Support System

Even a low-key, friendly divorce is stressful. Divorces involving narcissists usually trigger intense conflict, drama, and delays. It may seem like things are proceeding well and then the narcissist blows everything up. Your Buckhead attorney will ensure their conduct has consequences and support you through the aftermath, but it is critical for you to develop your self-care resources before you start divorce proceedings with your narcissistic ex.

It will be an emotional rollercoaster and you will need help remaining calm and focused. Identify activities or practices that soothe or calm you—basketball or yoga, reading or yard work, spending time with friends, or going on long walks alone. The important thing is to have one or more habits or hobbies that help you regain your equilibrium when things get crazy.

If you do not have a therapist, now is a good time to find one. You will need someone to help you develop productive coping strategies when the narcissist’s behavior is outrageous. Let one or two trusted friends or family members know that you are considering a divorce and might need to lean on them. Take whatever steps you can to make yourself less vulnerable to the narcissist’s manipulation.

Keep Your Focus on Your Goals

Before you divorce, it is essential to have a firm grasp of what your divorce must accomplish as well as what you absolutely must avoid. Perhaps you are determined to keep your home or have your children with you most of the time. Maybe you do not want your spouse to have any role in a business you own together. Once you have decided what you want out of the divorce, your legal professional will discuss what you can realistically expect and fight to get it for you.

However, there may be limits. For example, the Official Code of Georgia § 19-9-3 instructs judges that children 14 or older may decide which parent they want to live with. Unless you can prove the narcissist is an unfit parent—and that is a high bar—if your teen decides to live with the narcissist, a judge is likely to honor that wish. Narcissists are skilled at making children believe the other parent is the bad guy, so scenarios like this are more common than you might think.

Good records can help you combat the narcissist’s lies. Besides keeping good financial records, also keep track of whether they violate ground rules you have set or obligations or promises regarding the children. Retain copies of social media posts, text messages, voicemails, or other communications that demonstrate the narcissist’s unwillingness to cooperate or attempts to turn others against you. Proof of unreasonable or damaging behavior can help your legal professional accomplish your goals despite the narcissist’s efforts.

Work With an Aggressive Buckhead Attorney to Divorce a Narcissist

No matter how badly you want a smooth and amicable divorce, a narcissist may not allow it. You must be prepared for a long and challenging fight.

Contact the Atlanta Divorce Law Group when you decide on divorcing a narcissist in Buckhead. We can help you prepare, protect your rights throughout the process, and help ensure you meet your goals. Get started today.

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