Child support is regularly paid from one parent to another following their divorce or separation and helps cover various child-raising expenses. It can be used to pay for necessities like food, medical care, and shelter as well as travel, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. Child support can be modified under some conditions, such as if either parent has experienced a significant change in circumstances.

You should contact a seasoned Buckhead child support modification lawyer to learn more about your options as they relate to altering an existing agreement. Whether you are the parent who receives child support or the one who pays it, a dedicated attorney can help you prove that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred.

Petitioning the Courts for Legally Binding Changes

Asking a court to modify child support can be challenging without qualified legal counsel. A petition for modification may only be filed once every two years, although there are some exceptions. For example, a parent must show that a substantial change in their circumstances which warrants their proposed alterations has occurred in order to successfully modify child support in Buckhead.

It is the petitioner’s responsibility to demonstrate a change in circumstances and convince a judge to modify their existing child support order upward or downward. Until a child support order is modified or terminated by a judge, the payor remains under a continuing obligation to make payments. Seeking professionally guidance from a knowledgeable Buckhead child support alteration attorney can make a substantial difference in a parent’s efforts to increase or decrease their court order.

Reasons to Modify Child Support

It is not uncommon for a significant change to occur in the life of either parent or their kids after a child support order has been established. Buckhead family courts are responsible for deciding whether a family’s change in circumstances necessitates alterations to their child support order.

Child support orders may be modified for the following reasons:

  • The payor experiences an involuntary loss of income;
  • The payor has a significant increase income;
  • Either parent gains access to additional income through inheritance;
  • The children’s needs change; and
  • Either parent exercises more or less visitation than their order permits.

It is important to note that an independent agreement between parents to modify child support would not be legally binding for either party. For this reason, it is advisable to enlist the services of a steadfast lawyer in Buckhead when attempting to alter a current child support order.

Schedule a Consultation with a Buckhead Child Support Modification Attorney Today

Child support can and should be modified if there is a significant change in circumstances which affects the children or either parent. You are encouraged to seek the advice of a Buckhead child support modification lawyer if you wish to file or challenge a petition for changes in family court. Get in touch with our intake team today to learn more about your legal options.

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