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Nov 14, 2019 | Sara Khaki

Embracing Our Firm’s Culture at Our Recent Staff Retreat!

Here at ADLG, our entire team shares a mission of eradicating the stigma associated with divorce by providing secure and happy futures for our clients. We understand family law is about helping individuals and families manage the emotional struggles of facing an uncertain future. This process requires our legal team to be human, sensitive, and empathetic to the big changes occurring in our clients’ lives. Since we take such a holistic approach to helping families get through challenging transitions, we have to take steps to ensure our firm’s culture and core values mirror our mission and overall philosophy.

In order to provide our clients with the best possible support, we spend much of our days collaborating and putting our heads together to come up with strategic plans for our clients’ cases. Because we spend so much time working together, we decided it was important to get our team members out of the office for a staff retreat several times a year. The purpose of these retreats can vary. For example, last year, we embarked on a zip-lining tour in the hopes that our metaphorical leap off the wooden platforms could help us better understand our clients’ transitions into new lives following a divorce. It was a memorable team-building experience that got us out of our comfort zones and brought us closer together.

In recent weeks, we shut down the office for half a day and embarked on another retreat. With the objective of encouraging each team member to contribute to our firm culture in their own unique way, we headed down to the Avalon Hotel, which is just down the street from our office. While we weren’t dangling 50 ft. above the air, as we did during our last retreat, we did spend the afternoon participating in fun competitions, doing complex but entertaining problem-solving activities, and listening to an informative presentation.

All in all, the experience was rewarding and brought our team closer together, but most importantly, it helped us ensure each staff member was contributing to creating a firm culture that aligned with our existing core values: Be Visionary, Be Empowered, Be Compassionate, Be Driven, and Be of Integrity. We’re all excited to see what the next retreat has in store for us!

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