Deciding to divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you may face. Beyond the emotional pain that is often involved in this decision, a divorcing couple must also determine how to divide their shared assets including finances, property, and children. Moreover, if you are not considering every potential aspect, you can end up overlooking important details that cost you.

If you are divorcing, you need someone who can fiercely advocate on your behalf. A dedicated local divorce lawyer in the North Fulton area can help you reach a thorough agreement that considers all your interests.

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    Grounds for Divorce

    A married individual does not need to prove their spouse did something wrong to file a petition for divorce. Georgia State Law allows for divorces to be initiated on the terms that the union was “irretrievably broken,” meaning the relationship cannot continue and neither party will be deemed at fault for its breakdown.

    Though the State of Georgia may not require divorce be awarded on any specific grounds, an individual can still ask to be granted a legal split from their spouse for certain reasons. Such grounds include:

    • If one spouse deserted the other for a period of one year or longer
    • Physical, emotional, and/or mental cruelty committed by one spouse against the other
    • If one spouse is deemed mentally unstable and/or incapacitated
    • An alcohol or substance abuse problem of one partner or the other
    • If one spouse is or will be forced to serve an extended jail or prison sentence

    A divorce attorney can identify whether any other grounds may be relevant to a specific divorce in the Alpharetta area.

    Specific Issues to Consider

    Among the major issues a couple might need to resolve in their divorce agreement is the division of their assets including their financial accounts, property and/or other valuable items. In Georgia, assets are divided in accordance with the equitable distribution principle and such statutes dictate that the couple’s shared assets will be divided as fairly and evenly as possible.

    However, this does not mean the divide will always result in an even split. Exact percentages will be calculated after considering several different financial and personal factors surrounding each individual spouse. Other issues to be determined include:

    • Whether one spouse must pay spousal support to the other
    • How insurance coverage will be handled
    • New living arrangements
    • Child support
    • Child custody

    Child-related divorce issues may ultimately be determined by a court that will render decisions the legal body believes to be in the child/children in question’s best interests. Divorce lawyers in the North Fulton metro area can pinpoint other issues worthy of debate.

    How an Alpharetta Divorce Attorney Can be an Advocate

    An experienced divorce lawyer in the North Fulton metro area understands that divorce may be a complicated, emotional time for you. Many important decisions need to be made that consider your current situation as well as your future.

    About Alpharetta

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    Client Reviews

    Title: Highly Recommend

    My divorce felt unreal, as I imagine it does for most people, and I could not believe it was actually going to happen...something I was not looking forward to. As the bread winner of the household, I was concerned about my financial liability. At the same time, I didn’t know what would be considered “doing the right thing” for someone I shared a life with for so long. I am so grateful to the care and knowledge this legal team provided me and was always looking out for my best interest. Sara and her team kept me informed and educated the whole way. They made sure I knew at every step what my rights and strategy options were....I felt safe and taking care-off through the process. I highly recommend this law firm!!

    Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars