What to do before Divorcing a Narcissist

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Aug 14, 2020 | Sara Khaki

Many narcissists may view the divorce process as a competition or challenge. Because of this, a narcissistic spouse may take selfish actions to gain or retain as much as possible during the marriage dissolution process. While these situations are often emotionally taxing for the spouses involved, there are steps you can take to prepare and help reduce stress during a high-conflict divorce.

Preparing for a High-Conflict Divorce

Many narcissists in a high-conflict divorce situation may take extreme actions or refuse to compromise. For this reason, it may be best to speak with a local lawyer before starting the divorce process with a narcissistic spouse.

Making a plan with a family lawyer could help you anticipate and manage conflict. We can discuss how to navigate conflict during child custody and visitation disputes as well as the division of assets.

Gathering additional documentation in anticipation of a narcissistic spouse’s refusal to provide paperwork during the discovery process can also help minimize unnecessary delays. This could include income tax documents, banking information, and other financial statements as well as titles to property, life insurance policy documents, and information on will or trust agreements.

You should also prepare for the emotional toll that a high-conflict divorce may take on you and your family. Establishing a solid support system or joining a support group could help you remain positive during a highly stressful or emotional time.

Anticipating Post-Separation Conflict

Making arrangements to deal with future conflicts could help prepare for situations that may arise after you have already divorced a narcissist. In many high-conflict divorce cases, an ex-spouse may try to withhold child support payments, alimony, or violate a custody agreement. The consequences of these actions can have long-term implications. Familiarizing yourself with your options and creating a plan to combat this behavior could help you retain control and reduce unnecessary stress.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney Today

Overall, making plans for how to manage disputes, delays, and stress that may result from a high-conflict divorce can help you overcome divorcing a narcissist. The knowledgeable attorneys at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group have experience with high-conflict divorces involving narcissists. Our experienced family lawyers can help you understand and navigate each step of the divorce process with your best interest in mind. To learn more about what to do before divorcing a narcissist, contact our intake team today.

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