How Can COVID-19 Affect My Pending Divorce?

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The Coronavirus situation is affecting everyone in a variety of ways. For those actively involved in divorce proceedings, things could potentially be delayed or paused until further notice. Courts have set up ways to hold remote proceedings for essential matters, but many pending divorces are temporarily on hold due to the Coronavirus.

Operations that are considered essential include temporary protective orders in domestic abuse situations. Whether your case will move forward, be postponed, or continued via video or teleconference would be determined by the court. For this reason, it is important to contact your attorney about how COVID-19 may affect your pending divorce.

Outside Influences

If you or your ex have endured layoffs or other changes in income due to the virus, that could affect your finances and the division of your marital assets. Keeping a record of what changes are made to your finances will help establish the timeline of your case once it is able to move forward.

In addition to dividing marital property, deciding what to do with the shared home can be hard during social distancing. Not many people are looking to buy a house right now, so if you and your ex are looking to sell, that might cause a delay in your divorce. While selling the home may be difficult, it isn’t impossible. Find creative ways to market the house for buyers who are looking.

It is crucial to keep an open line of communication with your divorce attorney. Check in about any other concerns you have that might affect your divorce proceeding. Ask about video conferencing for depositions and other parts of the process. Ask what you are able to control in your case right now given the delays in local family courts.

ADLG’s Team Can Help

Our experienced team members can discuss your options during this uncertain time and help you find a way forward with your case. While our current reality is changing every day during the COVID-19 crisis, our dedication to your case will not. Let our team at Atlanta Divorce Law Group help you. Contact our team with questions about how COVID-19 may affect your pending divorce.

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