Are You and Your Family Eligible for Increased Social Security Benefits?

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Oct 4, 2021 | Sara Khaki

There are several circumstance in which your Social Security benefits have the potential to increase. The first is if your ex-spouse passes away, in which case you could be entitled to increased survivor benefits. Specifically, if your ex-spouse was receiving Social Security benefits for a disability, you may be eligible to receive additional benefits each month after their passing. These benefits may apply even if you are currently collecting survivor benefits from another spouse as well.

The second qualifying circumstance is when you are currently working while collecting benefits on your spouse’s retirement. In this situation, the increase of retirement benefits would be based on your work instead of solely on your spouse’s.

The third circumstance for increased Social Security benefits is if you have a deceased adult child who contributed to at least half of your financial support before their passing. Parents’ benefits offered by the SSA look at your deceased adult child’s work history to decide what added benefits you qualify for.

When Can I Start Receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits?

You may begin receiving retirement benefits from the SSA as early as 62 years old for what is considered “early retirement.” However, it is important to note that if you decide to retire and begin receiving benefits at 62, your Social Security retirement fund will be reduced as you pull out money before what is considered full retirement age. For individuals born in 1960 and later, the full retirement age is 67 years old.

The dedicated team at Khaki Law Firm is here to help when it comes to better understanding when your family might qualify for increased Social Security benefits. Reach out to our firm to set up a meeting with one of our well-versed disability attorneys.

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