Writing an Atlanta Prehearing Brief

Legal briefs are used to summarize a claim’s evidence and arguments for judges in state or federal court cases, but they are not always used in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) hearings. Albeit, submitting a brief to summarize the evidence and arguments for an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can be a powerful tool to help reach a successful outcome in a claim for disability benefits. Writing an Atlanta prehearing brief before an SSDI hearing can be made easier with the professional help and guidance of one of our team members.

Introductory Information

At the beginning of a prehearing brief, it is best to include identifying information such as your name, Social Security number, and birthday. Information related to the claim should also be reported, such as the hearing date, the date of the initial application for benefits, and the date the disability began

When writing a prehearing brief in Atlanta, it is also helpful to incorporate an introduction summarizing the case. The introduction should explain a claimant’s primary job and how their disability prevents them from maintaining employment.

Medical Evidence

A prehearing brief should also highlight crucial pieces of evidence that the ALJ should review. Including a summary of this evidence makes the judge’s job considerably easier and may shorten the length of a case.

Moreover, the summary can emphasize key evidence which proves why the disabled worker should be awarded SSDI benefits. Constructing a persuasive medical summary organized with citations to the medical exhibits can be a complex task, but it is one that our team members can help with.

Addressing Evidence that Does Not Support the Claim

When writing an Atlanta prehearing brief, it is wise to address the arguments raised by the opposition, as well as evidence that may reflect unfavorably on the claimant’s eligibility for disability compensation. This gives an applicant the opportunity to show why these unfavorable factors do not provide grounds to deny disability benefits. If drafted properly, a section addressing potential weaknesses in a case can actually provide the strongest arguments in a claim.

Five-Step Evaluation

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step process to evaluate SSDI claims. Therefore, it can be effective to adhere to the same five-step approach when writing a prehearing brief in Atlanta.

For example, the brief should identify the medical condition causing the applicant’s disability and whether it appears on the SSA’s list of qualifying conditions. This section would also explain the claimant’s work experience, the outcome of any attempts to work since the onset of their disability, and why they are unable to perform any job duties.

Get Assistance with Writing an Atlanta Prehearing Brief

If a prehearing brief does not meet a judge’s expectations, it may cause more harm than good for a claim. For this reason, it is advisable to work with a member of our team who is experienced in writing Atlanta prehearing briefs, preparing for hearings, and advocating on behalf of those in need of benefits. Call our intake team today to learn more about this process.

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