Even if you and your spouse agree that getting divorced is the right choice for both of you, a number of factors can complicate and delay the process. For instance, if your marital estate includes many high-value assets or shared business holdings, coming to an efficient and agreeable resolution might be difficult without experienced legal assistance.

Working with an Atlanta high-asset divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in your marital dissolution. A qualified divorce attorney can work tirelessly to ensure equitable division of your valuable assets, put you in a better position for negotiating favorable terms, and protect your financial best interests during these complex proceedings.

Challenges of Dissolving a Marriage between High Net-Worth Spouses

In any divorce case in Atlanta, the family courts must divide the couple’s shared property and assets equitably. However, it is critical to note that equitable is not the same as equal. Equitable means a “fair” distribution, while Georgia Courts generally believe that equal is “fair” there are many reasons why a person may seek  and be awarded more of the assets or less of the debt, including behavior of your spouse during the marriage. A well-versed attorney is essential to assist you in determining when it is a possibility to have an unequal distribution.

Accordingly, fairly dividing valuable property and financial holdings is often challenging. This process requires significant negotiation and deliberation to properly evaluate assets, joint bank accounts, and shared debts. A couple’s successfulness in dividing high-value property depends on the level of transparency and honesty between both parties. If one spouse tries to hide high-value assets in the Atlanta marital estate, assistance from a skilled divorce attorney can be crucial in uncovering hidden financials and getting an accurate picture of all divisible property.

Role of Forensic Accountants in Atlanta High-Asset Divorces

Forensic accountants can be very powerful in the divorce process. They are often beneficial in situations where an Atlanta resident believes that their spouse is hiding income or valuable assets. Their role in the divorce process is to uncover transfers of assets to dummy corporations, fake debt, purchases of items with cash, or other related actions by looking at the financial records. However, even if a high-asset divorce is amicable, a forensic accountant can still essential. If your case includes specialized stock options or small business their expertise is needed to determine actual value of the estate.

These professionals are experienced in providing insight into the impact of certain divorce agreements on one’s financial future. Since divorcing spouses often must go to Atlanta family court for more complex assets, a forensic accountant can also testify on behalf of a high-value individual. This means that the opposing legal counsel would cross-examine a professional rather than the divorcing individual. High-value divorcees should contact a seasoned legal team in their area for further information on the benefits of working with forensic professionals.

Work with an Atlanta High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be complex legal endeavors, especially when both parties have many personal assets and income. However, determining an equitable distribution of valuable property can be made easier with dedicated legal counsel to protect your financial best interests.

If you seek a positive outcome to your marriage dissolution case, consult an Atlanta high-asset divorce lawyer. Pick up the phone to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team today.

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